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Neutral. Just Neutral.

I've owned Tara, Cardas, Monster, AQ, PS Audio, and etc., but the Kimber 8tc have always been my mainstay speaker cable because they are a very neutral cable. There's no describable character to their sound. All others I've tried have a signature sound, but not 8tc. BTW they sounded good after just two hours of break-in, but better after 24 hours.

Astro Guy
Best Cables

Kimber 8TC are the best cable I have ever purchased and have stayed in my system - which changes often - for many years. As a musician I like the naturalness of this cable. Everything is in the correct place with high resolution. If you have a good system I predict this cable will astound you.

- First Chair, CA
recommend to a friend

I have to admit I was very skeptical about spending this kind of money for speaker cables. I have used a pair of less expensive Kimber Kable a few years ago and had fantastic results with them. AFter I picked up a pair of used B&Ws I decided to go for a cable upgrade, too. Straight out of the box I wasnt blown away by any improvement. After a few days difference began to emerge. Highs were more extended. Lows were deeper and more solid. Middle range was more detailed but without any change in the tonal or sonic character. Very happy now and will recommend to a friend.

- Chang L, WA
Best money spent

When I added the Kimber cables to my system I noticed the soundstage has opened up and the detail is wonderful even on the low register and without a subwoofer. Highs now crystaline - like opening your eyes with clear lenses not cloudy ones. Best money I've spent on anything in a long time.

- Jin C, OR
Highly Recommend

Since I bought the Kimber I am amazed at how my system came alive with clear uncolored highs and clear midrange. The definition I was able to hear was eye-opening. Highly Recommend the 8tc.

- Ronald A, HI
Great Product

I absolutely love my Kimber 8TC cables! Around 25 years ago I discovered that speaker cables made a big difference. I tried lots of medium-priced cables until a dozen years ago I tried 8TC. These ended my search for good. I still have my original pair. They give my system a balanced tonality, great clarity, huge soundstage, great detail and bass. I even had them re-terminated at the factory once - which they were happy to do for me. Great company - and Great Product!

Tony Rice
You Just Can't Go Wrong With This One

Having owned Kimber 4TC and 8TC I can tell you I can hardly tell them apart. 8TC is intended for use with big tower speakers, while 4TC for smaller monitor-type speakers, but I think you can get good results using either for either type of speakers. Both offer great imaging, super detail and natural musicality. Perhaps because of the heavier-conductor mass 8TC theoretically can deliver more current which may explain why - to my ears, at least - 8TC presents a somewhat bigger sound stage and seems more controlled and dynamic on load passages - IMO. Truth is the difference is hard to hear and you really can't go wrong with either of these two great cables.

- CrazyAudiophile, CT
High End Sound at Modest Cost

The improvement in sound stage size/depth and detail were so very welcomed in my system. The increased sense of solid instrument location is beyond subtle. There's more music!!!

- Mark R, PA
Kimber 8 TC 7 foot speaker cable

Changed to a 7 foot pair of Kimber 8TC with PM25 spades after many years of 4VS with simple gold spades. MartinLogan VISTA speakers from Klyne SK-5AE and VAC PA 100/100 - KT88s, 4 Ohm taps. Immediate, noticeable improvement in staging, crispness of drum rim shots, decay times, male and female vocal definition. Playing medium-loud FM right now for more breakin time. So far, happy camper and the icing on the cake is the great service from AA - long time customer. JimW

- James M Wimsatt, MD