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High End Sound at Modest Cost

The improvement in sound stage size/depth and detail were so very welcomed in my system. The increased sense of solid instrument location is beyond subtle. There's more music!!!

- Mark R, PA
Kimber 8 TC 7 foot speaker cable

Changed to a 7 foot pair of Kimber 8TC with PM25 spades after many years of 4VS with simple gold spades. MartinLogan VISTA speakers from Klyne SK-5AE and VAC PA 100/100 - KT88s, 4 Ohm taps. Immediate, noticeable improvement in staging, crispness of drum rim shots, decay times, male and female vocal definition. Playing medium-loud FM right now for more breakin time. So far, happy camper and the icing on the cake is the great service from AA - long time customer. JimW

- James M Wimsatt, MD