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Surprise, Surprise

Well this speaker wire surprised me...in a good way. I bought 50ft of it just to have around if I needed a long run and I ended up running this 12ga. and the 16ga. version to bi-wire speakers and ZOW! Dynamic, big, bold, exciting sound, yet its able to convey the nuances and deliver the musical message superbly. This may be considered in-wall speaker wire, but it delivers the sonic goods in my system, and Im very happy I bought it.

- John M, MI
A gallery of mid detail

This cable takes a good while to break in - let it take some time before judgement. High detailed mids & highs really stick out when the cable is new like most products but, they settle down nicely when they are broke in. Mid bass is very tight. If you want a warm, bloomy sound, this is not your cable. But if you are looking for the detail in the Mids & highs with tight bass - this is your cable.

- Donald S, TX