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Works for me!

I agree with the other reviewer, this is a super cable for the money. I had a tech friend wire up a mini 3 pin female xlr connector on the end of my 20ft Kimber Kable PBJ headphone extension cable so as to use as the main cable for my AKG-702's hooked up my Vincent KHV-111 headphone amp purchased here on AA a long while ago, as well as my Slee Solo amp. The 702's are still a go-to set of cans for me....more like studio quality sound I crave. The Kimber PBJ cable opens up the sound very nicely and makes for a high def quality listen. Works for me!

- John V M, MI
Kimber Kable PBJ Headphone Extension Cable

Dont let the low price fool you. I have been using it for years now and it is still a great value due to its sound quality. Highly recommended.

- Arturo F, TX