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A bargain that renders the more expensive stuff useless

I own a modestly priced Marants PM 7200 integrated amplifier since discontinued. Recently I found a useful tip on the internet about how to improve the sound by simply replacing the processor loop jumpers with fine interconects. I chose the Kimber PBJ for this purpose. OH MY GOD! That cheap amplifier now sounds just like an ultra high end tube amp. I am not exagerating. I wasnt necessarily displeased with the way it sounded before, but there was plenty of room for improvement. Now I must rewire my whole system with the PBJs. God! I love this hobby!

- James W, AR
Still the best value around

Since I bought my first set of PBJs in 1995, one way or another I always incorporated them into my systems. In Nov 2011, I bought two additional pairs with the optional WBT-0147 connectors from Audio Advisor. They still continue to impress me with their simple design, outstanding value, and sweet sound. Thats why they are still my preferred interconnect.

- Patrick K, IL