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Inexpensive alternative

I received a dac that has usb connection. After reading and some research I decided to replace the usb cable with a more sonic friendly one. I thought about Audioquest--I have at least 4 Audioquest cables and interconnects. Due the cost, and the length offered, I decided to try the Kimber I have speaker cables from Kimber. The sonic improvement from the original cable was just remarkable: the bass became more defined, the midrange had a clarity and articulation that I didnt hear before and the upper register stopped being strident. I would recommend this cable to anyone who may wish to upgrade but do not wish to spend a great deal. Ian

improves the Sound; Really Works!

I was skeptical, but for $50 I thought it would be worth a try. I replaced the generic USB cable between my Mac and my Benchmark DAC with the Kimber cable, and it actually worked! The sound was more relaxed, detailed, and clear.

- Charles G, UT
Kimber USB definitely an upgrade from any-old computer cable

Got this cable yesterday and plugged it into a Bechmark DAC 1 USB. Noticed an immediate improvement in mid/hi clarity, soundstaging, and inner detail. After listening a little while, reverted to the original USB cable that came with the Benchmark. Muffled, darker sound and loss of transient energy, particularly with stringed instruments. Was motivated to write this review because Ive read strong opinions on the Web that USB cables dont make a difference. Not true in this case and, for one less zero on the price tag than favorably reviewed analog interconnects, would strongly encourage you to try one.

- William G, WA