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Caveat Emptor

Dont just look at the picture. Read the fine print. What you see is not what you get. This unit comes without a base. It is a boat anchor without additional hardware. Other than that, just the light I was looking for.

- Todd D, MA
Littlelight, highly recommended

The Littlelite is a great item. I bought it to adjust, align, an install new cartridge on my Project Perspective turntable. Also recommended by Michael Fremers Guide to Turntable Set-up DVD. I use it all the time when I listen to music late at night with all the lights out except for the Littlelight. My turntable has a clear acylic base so I adjust the lamp to the side of the base so it almost touches it, turn on the red led. It shines through the base and lights up the entire corner of the room. Cool effect, and I am able to see well enough to clean, change or go through my records.

- Eddie R, KS