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Excellent deck for the price

I love the way this deck makes my CDs sound. Also love the USB port on the front, easy to play my iPhone. The construction seems to be top notch.

- Davud B, OH
Brings out the best in your cds

This replaced an old Harmon Kardon dvd/cd player which is a nice unit and still plays our DVDs. Switching a cd between the two players was amazing. The best $500. Youll spend

- Bill B, NM
So good its upsetting

Bought the 6005 to replace an Arcam CD23 Ive had for years. Use it in a setup primarily with headphones. Have had the system in its current configuration about two years. DAC bought it on the Arcam and it was getting pretty tired. Figured I would have to spend at least $1k to get similar performance to my Arcam. Boy was I wrong. I read over all the reviews I could find on the 6005 because unfortunately I couldnt audition in person. I tend to not really buy pro reviews and was concerned reading some reviews saying the Marantz was bright. Im no longer concerned. Unboxed the player and hooked it up expecting some break in/warm up time. Threw my headphones on just to make sure I had everything setup right. Ended up listening to the whole album and another. Sitting there stunned because this player destroys my old Arcam. I guess pretty well regarded in its time. How Marantz does this at this price is amazing. The sound is very well balanced. Sound stage is big, instrument and especially vocal separation is amazing. Bass is very vinyl like. One of my favorite attributes of a good vinyl setup is the bass. Sounds real. Well the 6005 has that bass. Not bloated or boomy but real sounding I play bass too btw. Player is not bright at all to me. I would call it very detailed bordering on analytical but not bright. Im listening to albums and hearing things for the first time. I mean clearly. Incredible value for the money.

- Aproud1, OH

Bought to replace my Arcam CD23. I read all the glowing reviews and expected a decent performer but didnt expect it to outperform my CD23. Well I was very surprised. This CD player absolutely destroyed my old Arcam. In every way is it better. Though it is not a SACD player it sounds amazing with all material. It prompted me to buy the matching integrated amp. I am very, very happy with this cd player it is detailed but not overly bright and just has amazing sound from top to bottom.

- Andy P, OH