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Excellent All around

Bought this to replace some aging components. Most recently a BK Pro10MC. I upgraded my CD player to the Marantz CD6005 and after much research pulled the trigger on the PM6005. I listen to a lot of records and streaming online as well as CDs. I read a lot of good reviews about this amp and I have to say they were all true. The phono section is excellent. Really excellent. I have used various phono preamps with my turntable setup and none can match the Marantz. I use the coax input for streaming music from my computer via my firewire audio interface and Im very surprised how good it sounds. The DAC is apparantly the same model used on my CD player and it really works some magic. This was the biggest surprise. The headphone amp is decent. It easily drives my Senheiser HD580s but is not quite as good as my stand alone amps though its good enough that I usually just use it. Power wise I am driving a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 10.2s. Amp is fairly rated and easily drives my speakers to loud levels. I usually listen near-field but crank it up sometimes to fill the space with sound. I havent bough any new components for many years, I spent less and got a whole lot more than I have in the past. I am very happy with this amp.

- Andy P, OH