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Amazingly analog sounding SACD/Bluray player!

This year, I went looking to upgrade my old tube-based DAC with something that would do HDTracks 24/196 files. I tried several DACs before settling on the Matantz UD7007. [#1] Mytek 196 - a great DAC with a very warm yet detailed sound. Amazing with vocals and acoustic music. But I found that it had a sound and made everything feel a bit over processes [#2] NAD M51 Direct Digital D/A converter - a great box with amazing bass! WOW! Kind of clinical, and a bit expensive at $2,000. Plus I often got a solid GREEN screen from the HDMI pass through. [#3] Bel Canto 2.5 DAC - very analog sounding, but it lost some resolution and some dynamic range in the trade off [#4] OPPO 105 Universal Player - an outstanding player with great sound, but made everything too bright and a bit over etched [#5] Marantz UD7007 - WOW! Analog with all the detail & bass weight -- but what won me over was how musical everything sounded. Metallica, Diana Krall, John Meyer, Chet Baker.... DVDs, SACDs, CDs, HDTracks downloads -- everything sounds great on the UD7007. The interesting thing is everything sound different: every piece sounds more real, yet they dont all sound the same. Plus: the Marantz remote controls my BAT preamp! SCORE!

- David K, IL