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Dynamo might be a bit much but just a bit

I purchased the ML Dynamo 500 to replace an aged Polk subwoofer. The sub is being used in a 2 channel stereo system for LF reinforcement of two Magnepan MGMC1 planar speakers. The Polk sub that it replaces did a good job of filling in the low end but the ML reaches lower and has more clarity in reproducing electric bass, acoustic bass and a decent job of reinforcing the low end for synthesizers and full-sized organs. I can say that the ML sub has more LF capabilities because I had to add more room treatments to tame resonances that the Polk sub did not require. I am still getting the sub blended in my setup but at this point I can say without reservation that the Dynamo 500 is a bargain for those searching for a musical sub-woofer. I cannot say anything about its use in a home theater setup. Its sole use is to reproduce music and it does it well. I play vinyl as a main software source and I have a decent collection of audiophile, import and special pressings. Within that collection are LPs /EPs that test any systems capabilities and the ML has handled everything I have asked it to do. The ML required me to add additional Sonex acoustic panels to tame the subs output. My Magnepan speakers are being powered by a rebuilt Adcom GFA-555II power amp that is capable of over 300 watts/ch at 4 ohms the Magnepans are rated at 4 ohms. The ML is currently blended in with my speakers with the level control set at about 25% of the subs output range. The ML sub is located at the far left hand side of my setup next to the left channel speaker and in the left corner of the room. I had to add Sonex panels to tame out of control resonances all the way up the corner of the room. As of this writing the subs resonances are in control and I feel confident in recommending the sub for use in any small to mid-sized setup. It can play at room shaking levels the neighbors have complained without drawing attention to itself. It took the aforementioned room treatments to accomplish my current setup but at this point the sub adds deep tuneful bass without drawing attention to the subs location. If you are looking for a modestly priced sub-woofer, I doubt you could do better than the Martin Logan Dynamo 500. Its is a lot of sub for little money. Ed