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Meridians reputation continues to shine

I have been spending a lot of time recently trying to decide the best way to render my music collection in this digital world. I have a good Cambridge CD player, but Ive also been convinced that ripping to a lossless file sounds better : no real-time error correction, and is also a lot more convenient. My Marantz amp has a media server feature that can read files from my laptop or NAS, but the interface is functionally underdeveloped and looks homemade. Obviously, the laptops soundcard is NOT a solution, and this is where the Meridian Explorer comes to the rescue. Experiences with driver setup are variable, but mine was without incident. And the sound is wonderful. Do you remember the days of your youth listening to records and getting goose bumps, and then CDs arrived, and the surface noise was gone, but so were the goose bumps? Well, with the Explorer, the shivers are back. I did a side-by-side comparison of the Marantz amp playing a file using its DAC, and my laptop through the Explorer. With the Explorer, the difference is immediately apparent. The soundstage is so much wider, almost like someone moved the speakers. Previously unheard details of very familiar recordings are exposed. In complex mixes, individual lines can be followed effortlessly. In music with multiple percussion instruments, each one hangs in space, almost like you can reach out and touch it. I know Im just getting started with this thing, but so far Im extremely happy and impressed.

- Graham L, NC