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Amazing for the price

I finally had to replace my Infinity monitor/sub setup after years of faithful service & sometimes DCM Time Windows hooked into the crossover/ sub setup. I am amazed at what technology has wrought in full size speakers over the years, and for under $800! Since my main adcom/parasound amp/preamp is at our second home, and I wanted to try my Xmas gift for myself immediately, the speakers are currently hooked up to a Lepai LP-2020A+ amp, and either my Parasound Zcd player or my Rega/NAD turntable/preamp setup. First, these are large, relatively heavy speakers, and you do need a reasonably large room for them to shine. On the other hand, the speakers are quite sensitive, and sound very clean with the little 20 watt/channel Lepai. I can only wait to hear them with a good 150 watt/channel amp. Soundstage is very balanced and clear from anywhere around the sweet spot, with the speakers about 18 from the wall and about 6 apart. I used them with both the CD and USB function on the Zcd, playing classical guitar, Kieth Jarrett Well Tempered Clavier, the Pentangle, Bonnie Raitt, Stan Getz samba music, Brubeck & Miles. And even some Merle Haqgard. The usb music was flac to wav for best quality. In a small room I dont know how the base would sound -- in my 400 square foot living room the base was there without being muddy. For me the best thrill was with my vinyl records and the BX 6s. Everything from folk to classical to country & rock just sounded like I was there. I know Ill hear more detail and range with the big amp./preamp after the holidays, and for $2000 or more there are better choices, but I have to say that I am very very impressed with the sound for less than $1000.

- Tony B, CA
Incredibly detailed sound in a large room.

These speakers took about 2 days at moderate volume to break in. They went from sounding like two point sources to producing a well imaged soundstage. I am using them in a large room with a Marantz PM6004 amp. This is a great combination. They have excellent midrange and treble. To my ears they also have very tight bass that for some tracks produces a satisfying thump in my chest. One note, I am 58 and not a bass nut. On one album, I was very surprised that the bass was sufficient to make the needle on my turntable skip. But I am sure that some people will want more bass. I like being able to manipulate the bass by plugging or unplugging one or both bass ports. I also like the idea of each speaker being suspended by a rod at the back. The fit and finish on the speakers is excellent. These are great value for the price. Forget about next years model -- grab these while you can.

- Nigel A, TX