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I compared these to several other small speakers in the same general price range. These were so small I didnt think they would be as good as the others. But omg they are really good, and I came back to them for purchase. Powerful base, clear mid, and singing treble. Put them on stands and youll be blown away.

- Roger G, MA
perfect - unless

These speakers are truly amazing. However Notes: If you play poorly recorded are ripped music, they sound worse than lesser quality speakers would. The sound produced in this small size cant be beat with any other brand or model of the same size. The only better would be their Platinum series larger

- Craig c, NY
really small, really good

I looked at several different bookshelf speakers in this vague price range: from B and W, paradigm, etc. This one blew the others away. Powerful base, clear midrange, and a singing treble. They are really incredible.

- Roger G, MA