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I am so impressed

When I finally decided to replace my vintage AR speakers I wanted a pair that were similar and size but with updated technology. My 'Advisor sales guy - I think it was Joe - recommended these Silver Series 2 bookshelfs. I am totally impressed with the speaker and the sound. I can hardly believe all the sounds I was missing all these years with my old speakers. My sound just opened up. If I close my eyes its like I'm at the concert. I can hear the entire band and the audience, too. The sound is just so amazing. I just ordered new AudioQuest speaker cables and I can't wait to hear what that will do to my sound.

- Warren P.G., OH
Good Sound. Would Recommend To A Friend

Full disclosure: I already own a pair of Monitor Audio Gold tower in my main system. I got these for a second system I have downstairs. These are compact bookshelf speakers offering a very refined bit and finish. Drivers and connectors are high quality. I am using on a pair of Target FS speaker stands. They have superb image clarity. Drivers are very fast and detailed. Cold from the box they are a little bright, but they smooth out after only two hours of usage. Bass is pretty good for a smallish box, but then I have them on good steel stands. I like them very much and would recommend to a friend.

- Stacey P, RI
Five Stars

I was amazed with the sound coming from these speakers! As I would expected from Monitor Audio, the cabinet has a beautiful high quality finish and it's extremely well engineered. For smallish speakers, I didn't have any perception how heavy they were until I grabbed one of them for the first time: these are solidly built! Superb sound quality with solid bass and outstanding defined highs coming from the tweeters. Highly Recommended.

- Melrose, M., CO
Could Not Be Happier

My wife and I had listened to the monitor audio silver 10 towers recently at her friends house and fell in love with those speakers. We were looking for a smaller pair of speakers for our vacation home and the Audio Advisor salesman recommended these. So glad he did! They have a very similar sound character to the Silver 10s, but just not as full sounding. In our cottage they sound great and we both could not be happier.

- Steven R., FL
Five Star Product

I almost never write reviews but this speaker is so good it deserves one. Using with Vincent SV500 amp and these speakers sound great. Treble is clear and concise, midrange is warm and full, bass is good for a bookshelf speaker. I had them inside my bookshelf in the den, then moved them out into the room and the imaging is just amazing. Ordered in rosenut and the finish is very good. Cant think of another speaker I would want for the price. You are going to love these!

- Jorge Alfonso, NM
Best stand speaker for the price, bar none!

I have had experience with Monitor Audio speakers before. I replaced my Silver RX-6s with these, as I wanted to downsize to a smaller speaker. I purchased the Silver 2s in gloss white. For looks, they are just a beautiful pair of speakers. I have had them a couple of weeks now, and have yet to place the grills on them. But, lets get to the sound. When I heard them for the first time, my first words to describe the sound was authority. They commanded attention right out of the box. Not for an overpowering sound, but just a full overall sound. They do not sound like an downsize from the rx 6s which BTW are excellent, but a complete upgrade. The initial sound was just clean and tight. I did not heard sounds I did not hear before, just better. They have been broken in a bit now, but they really do need about a month or more to come into their own. They are connected bi-amped to a Denon AVR-X3000 with audioquest speaker wire. I have no need for a sub when I am listening to any type of music from classics to reggae. I do use a sub when I watch movies, except for the Eagles Farewell Tour 1,no sub needed. I have an older M A center channel speaker that blends in well with these. They are located in a media room 16 x 20 with 9ft ceilings. But, most important, how do they sound. Before I purchased these, I went to a High-End Hi-Fi store and auditioned a pair of 5K British speakers and a huge smile broke out over my face. Unpacked these babies and heard them for the first time, and again, an even bigger smile broke out over my face. That is the best way for me to describe them. They are just that good. No measurements needed. If you have the opportunity to get them, just do it!

Edward D