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For the money you can't do better

These sound neutral, homogenous and are well adapted to all styles of music. Bass is precise, although not overpowering. Mids are as authentic as possible in this price class and highs have the right mix between crispness and a silky smooth presentation. All in all, this summs up to a clear, very neutral and balanced sound which is really fun and entertaining. There's even some warmth in the music, showing very welcome on the majority of all kinds of music! At this price point I don't think you can do better.

- HiFi Geek, CT
Good Value

Listening to the Silver 6 speakers with a Cambridge Audio stereo receiver in a 2 channel setup. Mine are placed ten ft apart and toed in very slightly. For best imaging the factory recommend for them to be placed several feet away from side walls and rear walls. I have a fairly large 24' X 19' room and they fill the room with sound nicely. These speakers have a very nice natural sound that sounds great if your recording is of a high quality. They don't make up for a bad recording by coloring the sound of a low fidelity recording. They do a good job of reproducing the total spectrum of sounds. I am using with a SVS powered sub-woofer, but when I turn off the sub the bass sounds of the Silver 6's are tight and powerful. I would be happy with the bass without the sub for most recordings. Highs are clear. I heard brighter sounds on CDs when I first got them, but the brightness disappeared after a day or two of use. Mids are well represented. Having owned Polk and Epos speakers previously, I would rate these Monitor Audio's a very good value and have recommended them to friends who are also happy BTW.

- Ellis G, MA
Highly Recommended

I got these after listening to the Monitor Audio Bronze speakers for two years and yes, these sound better. My conclusion is the superior materials used in their CCAM/MP II drivers account for such accuracy and neutrality. Highly recommended!

- Rogers C, NE

Bravo, Monitor Audio! What more can I say? At this price, I see no rivals. Excellent dynamics, soundstage, uncolored rendering and even a generous amount of bass that belies their size. For this money, could not recommend them high enough.

- Gibson T, TX
Cannot Recommend More Highly

As a long time audio nut, I have owned many brands of speakers - American, British, Canadian, etc. These babies are without a doubt the best sounding speakers that I have owned. They play all music genres without effort. The build quality is exceptional. The dimpled drivers are amazing. The sound quality is stunning. My listening room is 14x22 and a pair of these Silver 6's fill it and the attached rooms of my apartment effortlessly. Highly recommended.

- Griff F, OH

This is a very attractive speaker which sounds as good as it looks. They are perfect for my room and sound amazing on both vinyl and hi-res music files through my NAD C368 integrated amp. I have owned several other speaker brands before, but none sounded this good. Footnote: they take about two days to break in.

- Joe M, IL
Pay Little For A Lot Of Sound

These are just wonderful speakers that I would almost want to keep in my room even if they didnt sound great - but they do. They sound very natural and open and crystal clear on the high end. My room is average-size, 12x20. I don't feel the need to add a sub, however if I had a larger room i'd go for the Silver 8's. I listened to a lot of speakers before buying these and found you can pay a lot more but not get the quality of these.

- Bloomer I, PA
Sound Fantastic

With these in my system my sound has a very transparent sound stage and good low-frequency response. They are absolutely beautiful in walnut finish. Good size - not too large but not too small, either. They sound great and i did not notice lower performance during break in. I have mine powered with a Vincent SV-500 tube/hybrid amp. Its a heavenly combo. My room is average size and I don't need a subwoofer. Maybe that's because of the Vincent which has rock solid bass. They sound great on all type of music.

- J.L.T., FL
Good Sound

These were a good choice to combine with my Musical Fidelity M3 amp. They have a nice stage and good bass for the size. High end is very natural. Not like the KEFs I had which were sometimes too bright. Drivers look amazing and I listen with grills on. Walnut finish looks better than expected.

- Peter J, ON

These speakers punch way above their price class with clarity and finesse. The build quality is exceptional. The sound quality is stunning. My listening room is pretty large - 14ft by 22 ft - and a pair of these Silver 6's fill it effortlessly. Highly recommended.

- Joyce Q, DC
No rivals

But, really, what can I say ? For this price point, I can find no rivals. Excellent dynamics, soundstage, uncolored rendering of instruments and vocals plus solid bass that belies their size. For this money, could not recommend them high enough. They are a steal.

- Leo A, NY