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How do they do it for this low price

As a long time audiophile - 30+ years - I have owned a variety of big name brand of speaker - B&W, Thiel, Wharfedale and these babies are without a doubt the best sounding speakers that I have owned. They play all genres without effort and without compromise. Fast, tight sweet, airy - how do they do it for this low price?

- German P, VA
Get them, but hurry

They sound neutral, homogenous and adapted well to all types of music. Bass is precise - clean and fast. Mids are as authentic and bettter than anything in this price class. Highs have the perfect mix of crispness with a soft presentation. All in all, It adds up to a neutral and balanced sound that's really fun and entertaining. If you can manage to get them for a nice price - like I did - buy them, but spend the extra on with good quality equipment and cables because they will make a difference in your musical enjoyment.

Steven Henley
Great Speaker From Monitor Audio

The Monitor Audio Silver 8 is a great sounding speaker. Immediately out of the box I could hear things with the Silver 8 that I wasnt hearing with my old speakers. Im using the NAD 275BEE amp for power and my room dimensions are 13.5 feet wide by 22 feet deep. The Silver 8s are quite adequate to fill the room with clear midrange, nice highs and deep tight bass. Im excited to hear what they sound like after the 60 to 70-hour break-in period. I chose the black gloss and they look great. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

- Paul S, IL