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OMG Difference

Replaced my 12" Polk subwoofer with this one and OMG what an amazing improvement! Moving suddenly have punchy, lightning-fast bass. The Polk was supposed to have the same power, but just never delivered the force I wanted. W12 delivers! Love the three setting options for Music, Movie and Impact. The Movie setting delivers copious amounts of boom in my room so I havent used the Impact setting so far. Huge improvement for me. Well made product. replacing my Definitive Tech towers next with the Monitor Silver 10s and I can't wait.

- Klaus R, DE
Good Pick

Using Monitor Audio Bronze 6s in my theater room and was looking for more impact on dynamic movies. Salesman Kaan recommended this woofer telling me how good it was and that it was on sale. Good pick. Excellent performance! More output than I was expecting. Smoothly blends in with my Monitor towers on hi-res stereo music, too.

- Z-Man, CA
Great Bass and Great Service

Great woofer with high output of tight, fast bass. Built quality is excellent just as I would expect from Monitor Audio. Set up was easy. They seem to meld nicely with my Monitor Audio Silver 6 towers and the combination is kind of mesmerizing. Good stuff. Great service from Audio Advisor, again.

- McHenry J, ME
Worth Every Penny

I just replaced two Polk subwoofers with this one. I have a large listening room and the Polks just werent getting the job done - especially on action movies. Set up was easy with the W 12s APC calibration feature. It made some difference on movies but an even bigger difference on music allowing the subwoofer bass to seemlessly blend in with my PSB tower speakers. Other great features are multi-modes: music, movies, max impact and outstanding construction. You just get the feeling this thing was built to last twenty-five years or more. Well worth the money IMO.

- Simon Sterns, OR
A Winner

Great woofer with gob-smacking impact. Much more output than I was expecting. The C-Cam driver is also lightning fast. I feel it would be a good match for even electrostatic speakers like MartinLogans. Clear set up instructions. A Winner!

- Chase D, AL