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Fantastic Bargain

The Mordaunt-Short Alumni 2 is a fantastic bargain. They sound great! I am using them with an Itube Value amp. The limiting factor is the quality of the source music. With a great source such as 200g vinyl they are far better than the price would suggest. Highly recommended!! Audio Advisor once again comes through with a great deal.

Another set-up and follow-up

After my previous review of these Mordant-Short Alumni 2 speakers here on Audio Advisor, I moved them into a different system just to hear how they sound with partnering gear one might not consider placing them with. Keeping in mind their diminutive size and low cost of ownership, I still wanted to hear them with: My AudioNote M2-B preamp, Croft Polestar 1 power amp 25 watts per channel, NAD T-585 universal disc spinner, AudioNote turntable system w/Sonneteer Sedley phono preamp...with Kimber, MIT, and Pangea wiring wires all purchased here on Audio Advisor, sitting them on Sanus stands, and with added Monitor Audio FB-110 subwoofer. I even maxed the tubes in the AN preamp Siemens 6922s and Croft pwr amp G.E. 12AY7...And surprise to me, I just cannot stop putting on more and more LPs and cds....long into the morning hours, I am so pleased with the music coming out of this system and the little MS Alumni 2 speakers. They mate very well with the MA sub and music from Mozart to Kruder & Dorfmeister to Robben Ford to Pavarotti play effortlessly and convincingly too...maybe even astonishingly. These are after all $350 speakers in a $15k system! I am so glad I tried this mismatch...because it really isnt. These are really great speakers and I cant wait to get back to listening to them again tomorrow....JM

- John M, MI
Unbelivavble looks and sound!

Unpacking it was evident attention had gone into the look and feel of the speakers. A factor many of us have to consider for lifestyle speakers. These are beautiful. Notably nasal and congested on first listen but bloomed and evened out after break-in. over the weeks YPAO showed how the drivers were settling in and giving a more even output. Once they were broken in, and critical listening began these speaker blew away anything similar Id heard before all big store mainstay brands and boutique brands. Id been searching and listening for new speakers for a few years so I had heard all the competition. These sound very open and detailed, fluid mid-range, vocals and electric guitar leap out, micro-phonics are rendered with almost crystal clarity, and the sound stage is wide, with good imaging. Sound is very well dispersed. I hear a drop in upper-mid and HF from 50 degrees off-axis. With DTS-HD Master movie soundtracks, SACD, and Hi-rez FLAC files... everything just flows out of these speakers effortlessly. The resolution in the mid range is jaw dropping. Even on CDs instruments and vocal-overdubs appeared that Id never heard before. The separation between instruments is amazing. On paper the crossover point is 100hz, but its a gentle roll off - enough so that, placed against a wall, I was hearing acceptable crossover at 80Hz due to the half-space gains. So what are the downsides, theres no perfect speaker. No there isnt. As is usual for small satellites its the compression, especially at loud volumes, and then everything is mashed up into a flat cacophony. Im talking over 80dB levels in a medium sized room 10ft from the speakers... so your mileage will vary. These may not suit main fronts if you listen reference levels or have a large room and large distances. A small note on voicing. Overall its very level and uncolored, but each speaker is slight, almost marginally, voiced differently. This is parts tolerances and not an issue in use. To sum up, in medium room, at -20dB levels these are amazing performers and value for home theater satellites or front main speakers.

- Dave L, VA
High value...Great sound!

These Mordant Short Alumni 2 speakers are absolutely beautiful to look at in the black finish. I bought them in November and have let them settle in, in a system in my bedroom. I started experimenting with them with different amplifier power, siting, etc. What I have settled on is really quite amazing sounding. I very seldom sell off or trade any of my old gear, kind of like a pack rat. So, I still have a big old Midi-land S-2 sub woofer amplifier box that I wired the Alumnis to. The Midi-land Diamond Audio is a sub/sat amp/speaker system made for computer gaming circa 1999 or so. It has a 50 watt amp for the 8 inch paper cone ported subwoofer portion, and a 25 watt by two stereo speaker amplifier all built into the back of the big subwoofer box. I wired up the Alumnis with a set of Kimber 16ga. Qwik Cable that I bought here at Audio Advisor. Its in-wall cable but I use it out in the room...its really a great speaker cable! So, the Midi-Land S-2 has clip style speaker connections for the stereo 25 watt amp and a cool little preamp type box with volume, balance, bass & treble, etc., controls...designed actually to fit in a desktop computer cd/dvd drive bay. It has a long umbilical cord so to place it anywhere. The big thing about the Alumnis is how big they sound. By chance I sited these speakers on Sanus wood 18 inch stands with blue tak type stuff and placed them on both sides of my bed, about 4 feet from me and with their baffles parallel to the rear wall, so firing straight ahead. So, quite close Alumnis are infinite baffle, no port loading and wide apart. The sub box with all the amps in it is sited to my left, closer to me than the speakers with the ports firing out into the room. Okay, got all that? Because with this set-up and siting...these amazing to hear and beautiful to look at Mordant Short Alumni 2 speakers are creating the most remarkable soundstage and believable quality of sound I have ever heard in this room. Only 4 feet away from me and very widely split apart...this presentation is all the way back to the rest of the room...say another 20 feet and spread across the room, say 15 feet. It is a cavernous soundstaging and is most surprising. Even the subwoofer sounds as if in front of me. Looking at the little Alumnis, one just cant believe this musical presentation is coming from them. And at only $150 for the pair...I can only say...Great Value! and...Great Sound. Their ability to make my bedroom sound like the Masonic Temple used to a great musical venue! in Detroit, is crazy good! I couldnt be happier with these speakers.

- John M, MI