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Great entry level turntable you can upgrade to make it more high end.

I purchased this turntable from another online seller as I had a gift card with a little over $400.00 on it. Otherwise I most likely would have bought one here. This is a great entry level turntable, even at $875.00 it is considered an entry level turntable. It still is a great model to upgrade at your own speed. The included stylus on this model is $399.00 to replace. It comes with a very good sounding stylus. I have been making upgrades since I purchased it back in May 2013. The best thing about this model that appealed to me over the other models in the same price range is the fact that the turntable has a floating plinth separate from the motor and base. I have replaced the metal platter with an acrylic platter. I used a Pro-Ject acrylic platter as it looks identical to the Music Hall acrylic platter. I also could not find the Music Hall platter until I already had the Pro-Ject platter up and running. The guy at a local high end electronics store told me that they are exactly the same. I then purchased the Music Hall speed control unit as it gets very tedious having to take the platter off to change the belt from 33.3 to 45 rpm as I have a lot of 12 inch singles and 45 rpm remastered releases. I am also using the Music Hall cork decoupler which produced even better sound and clarity. I thought it would help, but I was very impressed by the vast improvement in sound quality. I recently bought the AcousTech Big Brush with the ground lead and it helps with the static very well. I have purchased many carbon fiber brushes, a strobe and strobe platter and I plan on replacing the cartridge after the new year. My most recent purchase was more equipment, a low end VPI vacuum cleaning machine. This really is the best purchase I have made to make my vinyl sound better than ever. My last purchase until after Christmas was a digital force gauge. It really starts adding up and very quickly. But this is a nice unit as is, so you can do these improvements over time or not at all if you are satisfied with its nice sound. I deep clean the vinyl once with the VPI, even new pressings, and then replace the inner sleeve with a MFSL sleeve. I keep the original inner unless it is just a plain paper sleeve. Then I just brush them until they need another deep cleaning which is rare. Most individuals do not realize the expense related to owning and caring for a vinyl collection. I know that all this sounds very OCD, but if you love great sounding vinyl, this procedure is what works best for me. I rarely have pops or noise unless it is from the previous owner. There is so much more equipment that most people do not consider needing other than just buying a turntable and some new albums. My old Denon turntable was in desperate need of a new stylus and a new motor assembly, so it was going to cost quite a bit to have it repaired. Just the parts alone justified a new turntable. It was at least 20 years old or more. It was a very nice and clean model with the original box. It had a built in strobe and speed control. I just decided to buy a new turntable. I was fortunate enough to find a person at vinyl store in Austin that needed the parts I still had. So I sold him the Denon and basically broke even on the initial price between the gift card and selling the old Denon for parts. After looking at the models that I was interested in, I really had a case of sticker shock. This model fell right into my price range and I knew that I was also going to have to buy some expensive accessories if I wanted to get the most out of my vinyl collection. I have spent quite a bit on vinyl in the last eight months, but I have acquired a nice collection of colored, MFSL releases, limited numbered pressings, box sets, and RSD vinyl. I also have over 100 Japanese pressings all with their original OBIs intact from a local private collector that is thinning his collection due to space. His collection is great because he recorded his vinyl to Reel to Reel. Most of the albums have been played just a couple of times and stored properly. On top of the 2,000 + CDs, I also own more than 500 albums and this is posing a problem with storage, but there is nothing like holding an album cover and reading all the stuff on the cover and when available the inner sleeve. I am glad to see the new resurgence in vinyl sales. Help Keep Vinyl Alive!!!!!!

- James Y, TX