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Excellent table and cartridge

I purchased the Music Hall MMF9.1 with the Goldring line contact low output moving coil cartridge following the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. My older table is an AR ES1 with a sapphire thrust bearing and a Jelco tonearm. I had listened to a wealth of excellent tables at the CES and had been impressed the prior year with the 9.1. The motor is completely isolated from the plinth and the plinth has 3 layers, each with Sorbothane isolation between the layers. The tonearm is a 9 inch carbon fiber single piece arm made by Project, who I believe makes this table to Music Halls design. Sonically the table has a very wide, deep soundstage with lots of inner detail. The bass, mids and high frequencies have excellent speed and transparency while creating no sense of strain or fatigue. The table is silent, and immune to acoustic feedback and floor bumps. In this regard, it surpasses the AR. It also has more inner detail than the AR, which is still a great table. Frankly, its hard to find fault with this product, highly recommended.

- Tom H, TX