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Music Hall PA 1.2, GET IT while its AFFORDABLE!

I purchased one of these used because i figured it was simple and i had no large footprint for a phono stage to use with my Audible Illusions line stage preamp. Some say its lack luster, others say ho hum, i say, if you want to add a phono and you dont have much money, youd be hard pressed to top this and be foolish to not get one! I use MM and MC cartridges with it, high and low output, not an issue at all with the PA 1.2, it handles them quite well and what MH claims is true, its unaffected by ANY outside interference, quiet, doesnt take up much space, attractive and last but not least, AFFORDABLE! Like anything else, you can buy better phono stages but, be prepared to spend a lot more to top this and my question is, WHY???

- Klent F, CA