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They could call it Magical Fidelity

This amplifier is the best amplifier I have ever heard for under $4000; it puts every instrument in its place with singular realism. It simply floored me with ts tonal accuracy and perfect extended bass control. It is a perfect match for my PSB Image T6 speakers. I am in love with this gem.

- Floyd M, CA
M3 to the rescue!

I have been trying to build a decent-sounding system at my second home without breaking the bank, but since my primary home has a 30K SOTA system, I have been hard to satisfy. I chose the PSB Image T6 speakers based on raves in Stereophile and TAS, and I knew I had very good source components, but I still had weak, wooden-sounding bass and poor dynamics generally; the amplifier had to be the problem --it was supposedly one of the best for under $1000...???. The M3i transformed my system! It has excellent bass, resolves the most complex and dynamic music with impressive clarity and accuracy, and generally has astounded me with its performance at this price. It is not quite as good as my big system, but there I have a $6k Audio Research preamp and Bryston power amp; $10k vs $1500? The M3 comes far closer to my expensive SOTA gear than I can believe.I NEVER expected this kind of performance at this price! If there is better amplification for anywhere near this price, I have yet to hear it!

- Floyd M, CA