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Buy Without Hesitation

After only a few days of listening I can understand what all the great reviews are about. This unit excells in every parameter for me and blows my old Adcom 555 preamp in the weeds. Buy without hesitation.

- Crusher, VA
Good Upgrade From My Tube Pre

NAD has an outstanding reputation for smart design and affordable gear. When my old tube preamp began to get noisy - again! - in the left channel I decided I was ready for a change. Delivery was very fast - ordered on Sunday and I was listening on Wed. Sound quality exceeds my old preamp which I really wasnt expecting. Extended, highly accurate bass. Super quiet - no background noise or hiss! Smooth clear highs. Midrange is rich with a hint of warmth which is just the way I like it.

- Richard D, CO
Big Performance Upgrade

Fantastic preamp! All the features I was looking for an then some. Smooth noise-free operation. The sound is very revealing of details and information on recordings I was not expecting. Big performance upgrade from my B&K preamp, IMO.

- C.P., DC
Good Amp

I love my vintage audio gear but there always comes a time when I need to replace something. Both my Dyanco and APT Holman preamps have been faithfully serving me for many years, however, when both developed noise issues in the same month I decided to bite the bullet and get something newer. NAD immediately came to mind. They have a good reputation for quality gear that doesnt break the bank. This preamp was a revelation to me. The feature set is way more than I will ever need. I can't beleive I lived without a remote volume control for so many years! But the sound is the truly amazing thing. The thing is just dead quiet. The music emerges from silence and wraps around my room. Its like I am at the concert hall. Bliss!

- Mike J.N., FL
Works Well. Solid Upgrade

Solid upgrade without having to spend a fortune. Noticed a deeper, cleaner low bass, mid-range clarity, and brighter treble. Now hearing things on my CD's that I hadn't heard before. The 165 replaces a carver C-1 owned for several years. Works well with my with my Sony ES disc player and Carver power amp.

- Tyrus G, CT
Good Al'round Amp

Doing a fine job for me. I'll hold off giving it five stars until it has fully broken in and I have a chance to listen longer. Functionally works perfectly. Good build quality. The knobs do not feel cheap. Quieter sounding than my older Rotel preamp. Highs have more sparkle and bass is more clearly defined. I can't say the mids have improved all that much, but I am hearing more details on CDs with my Oppo player. Good al'round amp.

- Haru K, HI
Versitile PreAmp With Outstanding Phono Stage!

I have had this PreAmp for a couple years now and it has only gotten Better. First of all you can control 2 Power Amps and a Sub Woofer from this PreAmp. So your able to use Large Speakers or a pair of Small Monitors and a Sub. Which ever you prefer for your Home Audio System. The Phono Stage is second to none and is super easy to get the most from either a MM or MC Cartridge. I am currently Sporting the Ortofon M2 Blue on a ProJect RPM 1 Carbon and the sound form the PreAmp is outstanding. I matched the Cart so closely that is has a synergy that will bring joy to your ears. Imaging and Sound stage are very good.In this Price category this PreAmp is a true bargain.I went from the Emotiva USP1 to this NAD C165 and it just shines way above the Emotiva. There is no comparison between the two. Give the NAD a Try you will like what your getting even if you paid double the asking price.

- Steven B, MI