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Versitile PreAmp With Outstanding Phono Stage!

I have had this PreAmp for a couple years now and it has only gotten Better. First of all you can control 2 Power Amps and a Sub Woofer from this PreAmp. So your able to use Large Speakers or a pair of Small Monitors and a Sub. Which ever you prefer for your Home Audio System. The Phono Stage is second to none and is super easy to get the most from either a MM or MC Cartridge. I am currently Sporting the Ortofon M2 Blue on a ProJect RPM 1 Carbon and the sound form the PreAmp is outstanding. I matched the Cart so closely that is has a synergy that will bring joy to your ears. Imaging and Sound stage are very good.In this Price category this PreAmp is a true bargain.I went from the Emotiva USP1 to this NAD C165 and it just shines way above the Emotiva. There is no comparison between the two. Give the NAD a Try you will like what your getting even if you paid double the asking price.

- Steven B, MI