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nad 326 amp

I've had this int amp for 3 years . Mated to energy c 50 speakers, nad 515 cd player , u turn orbit tt, nad pp2e pre amp. The overall sound is very involving especially with vinyl . This amp is an absolute bargain at price.mine had the cd player included at no additional cost..no need to upgrade anything at this time.

- Bruce c, INT

I only have a pair of Energy bookshelf speakers, but this amp still sounds fantastic! Highly recommended.

Replacement for an old Amp.

Just replaced my old Proton D540 integrated amp with the NAD after looking at Music Hall, Marantz and Cambridge Audio. Gave it a 60 hour break in period. Needless to say I am very happy with this amp. It does not score very high in the looks department but the sound is what counts. With my Energy RC10 speakers and sub it does a great job of delivering a believable performance from anything I send to it. Sound stage is wide and deep with good placement of instruments. Smooth presentation and good musical flow. Recommended

- Doug L, TN
Minimalism surpassed by maxiimalism

While purists will eschew having tone controls, on the basis that degradation will result, think again. With my PSB speakers, I can bypass my subwoofer and get incredible sound.

- Terry T, TN
Great Amp!

First let me say what I have: Speakers are PSB B6, Source is a Cambridge 550C. When I first got the amp I found the mid range a little hard and forward. The bass was good but I thought it could be better. Fast forward now about 6 weeks. The amp now shines. Detail especially in the mids is very clean and neutral. All the hardness I heard when I first got the amp is gone. Bass: All I can say now is WOW! Very deep and punchy and more importantly musical. I can listen to my system now for hours on end with no fatigue. Theres almost a magical quality to everything I play. If youre looking for an integrated in this price range, this is an excellent choice. Oh, the remote is also very solid and nicely designed. NAD puts their money in the inside of their components where it counts. I have no reservations in recommending this amp.

- Dave H, NJ
Great amp!

I paired this with a set of B&W 685s, a 515BEE CD player, and a Pro-ject Debut III with a speed box 2. Great entry level audio setup. In itself the 326BEE really does punch above its weight, and with stellar sound at this price point. Definitely a worthy entry level selction into audiophile quality sound.

- Lui M, INT