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A Gem

I recently purchased an NAD 390DD to go with my Magnepan 1.7 speakers. Its a match made in heaven. I use the Logitech Squeezebox Touch to wirelessly transmit all my music - stored on my iMac in WAV and Apple Lossless files - digitally to my 390 DD. It all works flawlessly and the amp totally controls these demanding speakers. If there was a problem with this amp, these speakers would expose it. But so far, nothing but smiles from me. This amp is a bargain beyond words. Although months have gone by, and I keep looking and listening to what has come out since, nothing at double its price range is even close. Later Ill add the two add-in cards and expand its capabilities. One drawback, the digital readout is too small to read from the listening position. But thats it. My one caveat aside, the NAD 390 DD is a complete gem and punches way, way above its weight class. p.s. It took about 2 months to totally break in but when it did, WOW!

- Thomas V, FL