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A C245BEE at the other side of the atlantic ocean

Dear NAD enthousiasts! Its time to review this fella the C245BEE. In use since september 2011. I connect it on a NAD C350 with a long state of duty in my livingroom etc. I use to connect both a Monster Cable reference 2 short length high quality interlink. On the C350 i connect a pair of 3 way JBL bookshelf speakers 8 ohms and on the C245BEE a pair of 2 way floorstand Rogers of 6 ohms. As source i use mostly a macmini with a quality interlink from profigold and the other sources are a NAD tuner, NAD dvd player and a HTC smartphone connected only to my C350. I tested a direct connection from the macmini to the C245BEE, but it was a bit to bumpy with the on/off funtion and it is better to let my C350 do the job of system center. The reason to buy the C245BEE is my purchase of beautiful sounding Rogers 2 way floorstand speaker of 6 ohms. My C350 have only 1 pair of speaker inputs and that is not enough if i want to connect 4 speakers for some extra sound power. The C245BEE is a fine amp. For the 599 bucks and in Europe 599 euros it delivers tons of music satisfaction. I use a normal mode for 2 speakers and i connect it on channel A. On paper it delivers 45 watts on 8 ohms in normal mode. In bridged mode it delivers a double but it can only be done with 8 ohm speakers. A mounth ago i connect an extra pair of JBL speakers to it and i listen to 6 speakers. It was an amazing sound that came from everywere. The C245BEE have the ATO logic function for zone listening. This automatic on/off system is not a great deal with the C350 together. As the volume is soft the ATO logic puts the C245BEE in standby. ? Is the C245BEE made only for pre amps like the C162? How does the C245BEE do on other integrated NAD amps or amps from other brands? Its not a big problem for me becouse i can set the ATO logic off. The knobs - A new design soft touch knobs. 3 on the front and serveral at the back panel. The leds - Blue with a bright light flow. Finish - grey typical to the NAD classic line. There is no remote control and i operate it manualy. The ATO logic can work as a remote system. My wiring setup: C245BEE, - and + left / - and + right at channel A. not biwired or bi amped. C350, - and + left / - and + right at the main channel. not biwired or bi amped. End story: I am happy with this amp. It delivers a nice sound and i think this amp wil survive my high volume listening sesions with verve. But when you want a C245BEE and you wil use the ATO logic frequently than it can be usefull to test some pre amps to the C24BEE or integrated amps. My C350 is very good but i think the NAD developers made the C245BEE for the C162. Test it. Dont be disapointed when your older NAD integrated amp flips with ATO logic becouse it can be set off. I give the C245BEE a 4 star rating. The two complains i have are the ATO logic error with my good old C350 and when i only connect speakers on channel A the B channel goes on with the channel A both. There is no memory in wich channel is active. I must set channel B to off each time. Are these modern soft touch knobs a bit to hard to program? and whats wrong with good old click/clack knobs? The developers must look at older components and take the good stuf from it and put it on new components. What can you do with hightech knobs who dont work fine? Hightech development is not always steps beyond good working antiques.

- Sven D, INT