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Pleasant surprise in a little package

I purchased this DAC with the idea of also purchasing a MAC Mini to start to get into high resolution music files. I dont currently have anything better than some HDCDs, hundreds of CDs, and lots of audiophile 180gm vinyl along with the rest of my vinyl from my college days a long time ago. After reading the reviews of the NAD D3020 and purchasing one for my son I figured this was the way to go since I am impressed with the 3020. I hooked the NAD into my preamp via Kimber Hero balanced XLR cables and hooked my CD player into the DAC via a toslink cable I had sitting around. WOW! Although the volume level came through a little higher the sound definition was striking. I had used an Emotiva DAC in the past but did not hear this level of acuity. Its as if you told someone who mumbles to slow down and enunciate! For the money this little unit will not steer you wrong. I will not elaborate on the high end or the low end because that depends on ones own equipment and listening preferences. I will just say that Im impressed!

- Ed L, PA