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an *amazing* piece of gear...

...i used to have well i still have it in storage an Accuphase E306v amplifier that i was convinced was all the amp id ever need for life. honestly, the well designed transistor based designs about $1.5k sounds.... very similar. sure its nice to have more power, and some transients in music truly benefit from power reserve, as do some speakers... but truly, definition etc seemed to be pretty identical between my E306v and a Creek Destiny power amplifier i also own. but i got curious about the NAD M22 because of all the hype surrounding the Hypex designs that are at the core of it. so i got it and... wow. an additional layer of clarity and dynamics and a bigger stage i *love* bravo NAD. the audiophile mags havent reviewed it - get ready because its going to get some legendary ratings! i bet in a year NAD will sell it at an increased price. :-

- pablo l, CA