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5 Stars! If Audyssey worked properly.

Replaced a recently purchased T-748V2. The sound was better due to better build, higher wattage and, of course, higher price. Awesome receiver in every respect. Audyssey did not work after 4 attempts. Got results like Check Type and Check Polarity. It gave me the Check Polarity on four different speakers. One at each attempt. Checked polarity. Positive to positive, negative to negative. Not sure about Type. Gave up. Set my Polks manually based on the settings on my T748. Sounds spectacular. Im curious to see if Audyssey can do better. I will contact NAD about my issue seems Im not the only one.

- Rey R, SC
Best Ive owned!

I have owned Technics and Onkyo receivers for most of my life. Each one was better than the last one. I always moved up in quality and price. I recently replaced an Onkyo 606 with this beauty. To say I was stunned by the quality of the sound and video would not do this receiver justice. This is, by far, the best sounding receiver I have ever heard! The dynamics are phenomenal! The soundstage is very impressive. No speaker localization. Just sound all around. Amazingly accurate and extremely tight. My BD movies and even TV shows, never looked or sounded this good. NAD rocks!

- Rey R, SC