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Champagne on a beer budget

During the course of the past fourty plus years I have had the priviledge of owning some of the great loudspeakers ever produced, some of which were: AR LSTs; Klipsch Cornerhorns; JSE Infinite Slopes; and Vandersteens- They, all were obviously, excellent choices for dramatic sound reproduction- They did, however, come at a premium price- That is why I just cannot stop smiling when I am plugged in to these NHT Absolute Towers- The sound quality of these $1000 per pair beauties is and has been unmatched in any speaker I have heard under $2500/pr- I have gotten rid of all other speakers in my system and am now running with the Absolute Zero Center Channel and two Absolute Zero On Wall Speakers which by the way, takes care of a lot of placement issues with bookcase speakers- The Towers are so good that in my mind, if your budget does not allow it, a subwoofer can be delayed for purchase at a later date- For a total of $2000 you can have yourself a dream system that just five years ago would be unheard of- This is just one mans opinion, but I would have to say that the total NHT Absolute Zero system is the greatest value available in all of electronics today!!

- Beach B, FL