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One of the Best all Around Speakers You Can Buy

If you are a music lover with a diverse taste in music this is the speaker for you at a price that is hard to match. It does not have the detail of a ribbon on the top end, it does not have the liquid midrange of an electrostatic, but what it does have is the ability to reproduce every kind of music as it was recorded. The Classic 4s sound best with good amplification so do not try to push them with an 80 watt receiver. In my opinion you could spend twice the asking price and not get the performance these loudspeakers can offer. I have swithced back and forth through the years on exotic designs that are good for orchestral music, opera, classical, and jazz. I have spent countless hours in high end stereo boutiques thinking to myself, this sytem costs $ 75,000 and it does not come close to what I have at home. You could spend twice this speakers price and not get any better performance. Yes they are that good.

- William S, IL
The pound for pound champion

Bought these after a comparison with three much higher priced floor standers. The Classic Fours imaging and tranparency are staggering to the point of almost obviating the need for a home theater set up. Bass is fast and highly musical; not bloated.

- Dave R, IN