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A most revealing speaker system.

Let me begin by saying that I have owned some very good speakers in my time. Acoustats, Apogee, ADS, Dalquist, Emotiva Airmotiv, Infinity-w EMIT, JPW, Klipsch, Magnepan 3s, Martin Logan, Mission,Quad ESLs, Wharfedale,and many others. I currently have NHT Classic 4s, NHT Classic 3s, two Classic 10 subs,and a Classic 3c in my main listening room. I listen to blues,classical,jazz,and rock music. What I have found is that the NHTs reproduce the signal that is supplied to them. If you use off the shelf components the NHTs will not be good for you. But if you invest in good seperates including an upsampling dac that will feed a quality signal to them you will be amazed. For my money there is no other speaker manufacturer that produces a price/performance ratio like NHT.

- William S, IL
veiled upper midrange-high frequencies

Purchased these last years from AA. My Mission speakers had been in storage in another city and just got them back, Needless to say the NHTs are now going into retirement.

- Jeff C, AK
I retract my earlier review due to my failing amplifier

I did return these and sort of regret it now, even though I didnt hear their full potential. Not long after I returned them my amplifier went south. It has a leaking storage capacitor. That would explain fully my audition of the Classic Three. My apologies to NHT, Audio Advisor and any potential customer that might have been misled by my review.

- Richard J, NC
Probably will be returned

I bought these on the strengths of the reviews. I am just not as impressed. In fact because of the reviews I am disappointed. The Classic 3 replaced Mission 771s; a small 5 inch 2-way. I now realize just how good the Missions were. The Classic 3 offers up some information that the Missions didnt however, the Missions offered up more that the Classic 3s dont! Yes the NHT has a lower range and they do sound bigger Not by much, though., its the mids and highs that surprisingly disappoint me. I listen to rock mainly. At volume. Voices are lost and well the whole mids and highs are somewhat veiled. I have tweaked and tweaked the speaker placement with no luck. That said, if I were wealthy enough I would probably keep these as back-ups.

- Richard J, NC
Great Speaker for the money

The Classic Three offers tremendous performance for a reasonable price. Starting with the build quality, it is a high quality product with excellent fit and finish for the price point. My only complaint is the 5-way binding posts. I could not get my MIT banana plugs into the posts and gave up out of fear of damaging the post. The same cables work great in my NHT 1.5ís, AC-2 and 2.9ís so I do not feel it is the cabling. Performance of these speakers is excellent for the price, the imaging strong and overall soundstage is very appealing. Regardless of the style of music they offer a pleasant listening experience. They are rated to hit 45Hz but I still implemented in a sub/sat configuration to round out the bottom end.

- B R, INT