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Great improvement over uDac-2

Iíve been using a uDac-2 for about 1.5 years, now I bought a uDac-3, and after some 60 hours of break in, I think that the uDac-3 is a big improvement over uDac-2. I can easily listen enhancements and differences: more clarity, more details, deeper soundstaging, Ö, in general is more musical. So I think that the uDacs produces neutral and audiophile sound °not a surprice coming from Nuforce!. Iíve tried and compare by means of headphones Grado sr125i and earphones Nuforce NE-700X. The Nuforce sounds excellent, good bass, and neutral sound. The Grados would benefit from a more powerful heaphone amp, but this comments is irrelevant taking into account that uDac-3 price is just $125 udac-3 drives very good the Grados. So, from a quality-price point o f view, the uDac-3 just deserves 5 stars. Easy to install in Windows 8.1 x64, I tried Direct Sound, but I preffer WASAPI. I still have not used DSD. Mainly listening lossless files, 16 and 24 bits up to 96khz. I have not the chance to compare against Dacmagic XS, AudioEngine D3 or Audioquest Dragonfly. But for $125 ....., uDac-3 is super excellent!