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Niche Product

The reason I bought the 103D is because I did not want to replace my older Marantz receiver, sans HDMI, with a newer model. As most of you know, most BD players being sold today have no analog outputs. So, if you want to be able to play BD with the full audio capability you either have to replace your older receiver or go this route. The bottom line is about the same regarding cost. The 103 has its quirks but there are a fe w interesting features: HDMI inputs 2, DTS Neo 6 processing for 2 channel audio, and a volume control for the analog outputs. I see no reason why you could not connect this player directly to a power amps or powered speaker systems with good results.

John T
Excellent oppo BDP-103D

Ive not had my oppo a full week yet, but I can highly recommend it. I still have a Pangea Power Cable on back order, and want to hear and see the difference once that is in my system. My CDs have taken on new life. SACDs and DVD-Audio disc sound amazing. My prior DVD deck was thin sounding. I have new speakers and just thought they were bass deficient. Now the video is truly impressive. Ive been ignoring my TV shows backing up on my DVR, and Im watching many of my Blue Rays and noticing the ultra fine details that Im sure was not visible to this level with my older deck. Computer Animation is stunning. Well worth every penny.

- David G, FL
Oppo hits it out of the park

Bought this Oppo for second surround system after purchasing a BDP-95 for my main system. I am extremely satisfied by the clarity and the ability to fulfill the mission of a universal player. Once again, I am amazed by the robust construction of the unit and its functionality. I even used it on several SACDs as well as numerous blue ray DVDs. For the price, I dont think this unit has any comparable competition.

- Hall B, PA