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The most natural sounding analog front end I have ever heard

I often attend live orchestral and chamber music events, so this is the reference I primarily use to evaluate audio equipment. That said, I have never heard a front end as lifelike as this, especially playing SACDs. It draws me into the music so seductively even at low background levels. That alone justifies its high price. Its ability to split audio and video over two HDMI cables-and even disable its video outputs with a button on its remote-allows me to divert all video entirely away from my A/V receiver, and send it straight to my screen, keeping the audio pure. Setup screens are clean, intuitive, and easy to use. Listening was done through a pair of Ohm Walsh 5000 Talls driven with a NAD M22 power amp. Video quality is also very good, though I havent yet played with the Darbee enhancement. I cannot imagine this player being a disappointment to anyone.

- Charlie G, NY

Havent had it hooked up for more than four hours but if its digital this player can probably do a superb job of rendering it. Ive fed it all types of disks, Internet flac files, high res digital from my Logitech media server PC, etc. It hasnt skipped a beat and it sounds fantastic! This really demands the level of equipment its feeding too. Its a wonderful source component, maybe the best Ive ever owned. It deserves all the reviews it has been getting, 100% recommended.

- Douglas S, IL
Supreme performer

Excellent build quality and amazing versatility. The BDP-105 utilizes sate-of-the art parts, materials, and design. Its numerous connections provide you think of it and you can do it functionality. A massive toroidal transformer provides effortless power. It has amazing sound and picture quality. It has off the chart price versus performance. Its well vented and dead quiet mechanically, without the use of a noisy circulation fans, and possesses a pure black sonic background. Blu ray, DVD, SACD,and CD get tremendous upgrade. Older CD that sounded shrill and barey listenable have a warm analog sound when played back on the BDP-105.

BDP-105 3d Blu Ray player plays SACD HDCD DVD AUIDO Ect.

I had the BDP-83SE and when I bought the samsung PN59D7000 3d Plasma I Picked up the BDP-93 I used the BDP-93 with HDMI output and 83SE with the 5.1 analog outputs and the analog stereo outputs on the 83SE when I read the reviews on the 105 it was hard to belive it could sound much beter then the BDP-83SE so I unhooked the BDP-83SE decide to buy the 105 from audio advisor I had nothing to lose they give you thirty days to return it after hooking it up I could not belive my ears no way was I returning it I sold 83SE and the 93 never gave it another though you could have my BDP-105 when you pry it from my cold dead hands.I use the marantz AV 7005 the BDP-105 is hooked up three ways HDMI wicth can be changed to analog output its hooked in BD input on theAV7005 and two channel on the CD input.PS what will they put out next?I sold the BDP-83SE an the BDP-93 on amazon they went fast I put them on on a sunday buy that the BDP-93 was sold on monday the BDP-83SE was sold the truth I thought it might take at least a week or two if I was lucky to sell it at all.Buy it you will love it.

Reference sound quality

I have had the Oppo 105 player since Thursday so I have only had a few days to try it out. In a word, I have been amazed so far with the quality of the sound from the 105. I was a bit nervous about spending that much on a bluray player and unsure of how it would sound compared to my Oppo 93 given my modest ht system, but I am certainly glad I made the move because the sound is certainly a step up for me. My 7.1 system consists of Paradigm Ref. Studio 20’sv2 for front and surrounds, Paradigm Studio CC and MiniMonitors for back surrounds. My prepro is the new Emotiva UMC-200 paired with the Emotiva XPA-5 and ATI 1502 amps. My sub is the SVS PB12-plus. My favorite music format is SACD and DVD Audio. I am using the MC analog outs along with the dedicated 2channel outs hooked up in place of the FL/FR on the MC outs. I like the suggestion to hook it up like this in order to make use of MC and dedicated 2channel outs. With the UMC-200 in direct mode, it is working very well as a preamp. I can definitely tell a difference in the sound compared to the Oppo 93 and the Sabre dacs of the 105 are impressive to me. The soundstage, detail, and control of everything is excellent and I know things will only get better. All I know is that everything sounds so good to my ears. James Taylor’s Hourglass on SACD has been a favorite so far. Blurays look great of course and I have tried out the network for listening to sound files from my desktop computer. I am using Jriver Media and it is my favorite media center that I have used. The network feature has been a little buggy at times for me even though I have it wired directly using an ethernet cable. I will be trying out the other features like the USB async dac once I get a laptop. I know I will have more questions later as I get used to everything on the 105. I am impressed to say the least with the sound of the Oppo 105.

- Matt A, TX
If this player sounds beter than bdp 83SE I must have it no question

I love the sound of BDP-83SE and if BDP-105 has even better sound I must have it.I have the BDP -93 BIU-RAY 3D Blu-RAY Player.I use the 83SE through analog outputs for better sound.My Marantz AV 7005 has 7.1 and5.1 analog inputs and can be swicthed to using the anchor bay dacs for movies and saber 32 dacs for music.I will purchase it sometime in 3/13 or 4/13.OPPO is a company I trust they are true to there word and have an outstanding customer service department.Like outlaw auido.PS is there any trade in for the bdp-93 3D Blu -RAY Player

- Peter S, NY