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Superb Audio Section

I bought this unit a few months ago to replace another unit that was fried by lightning one night, along with some of my other equipment. Bad night. Anyway, Ive got it in my bedroom along with a nice surround sound system. Usually, I use it to play Blu Ray discs, but the other night I tried it with some audio SACD discs and some FLAC files. It blew me away. The audio section is top notch. Very much so. If youre thinking about buying this unit, stop whatever youre doing and get out your credit card. Not only is it great for video, the audio section of the unit is really really good. You wont need to buy a separate DAC.

- John S, IN
Reference level universal player

This player replaced three components at once---Denon 3910 for upsampling DVD duties, plus HDCD and SACD on the audio side, Rotel 1570 dedicated CD player, and a lowly PS3 for Blu ray duty---and comprehensively exceeded all of them. Unit setup and calibration is easy and very intuitive, thanks to clean and logically organized Oppo configuration menus. The picture quality from Blu ray is extraordinary on a Samsung plasma PN65D8000, and the Darbee function does add depth and, literally, visual presence in a seamless way for most content [I keep it at 30% in Hi-Def mode]. The upsampling to full 1080p of well-produced DVDs is the best I have ever seen; the Denon upsampled to 1080i and was arguably the benchmark at that, but the Oppo beats it unequivocally. Watching movies in 1080p at 24 fps is like going to movies, but without having to deal with Bob munching on popcorn behind you. On the audio side is where the Oppo genuinely surprised me. I expected reference level for video, which it readily delivered. I heard things I hadnt heard before---especially in high-res vocal recordings, Patricia Barber and Sylvia Mims are good examples---and the depth and imaging of the soundstage were simply revelatory. The Rotel is no slouch---similar to an upper-level Cambridge player, perhaps with a tad more body while retaining the typical Cambridge warmth and delicate touch---but the extra detail unearthed by the Oppo, even cleaner channel separation, and impeccable imaging all combined to deliver an end result that was markedly more appealing. SACD playback with DSD output is the best I have ever heard: silences are absolutely black and the level of resolution is comically good. Blu ray audio is also beautifully implemented; Pink Floyds latest, and last, Endless River is a must. Much more could be said about the Oppos functionality as a streamer, digital music server, DAC, etc, but I shall keep this short and leave it focused on picture and sound quality, which were the main reasons to add the unit to my system. For a single-box solution to reference video and audio, the Oppo is a no-brainer: it is a beautifully engineered and built unit that will keep video/audiophiles happy for a very long time. System details: Source: Oppo 105D Pre-Amp: Parasound Halo P3 Power Amp: Parasound Halo A21 Speakers: Focal JMLab Profile 928

- Sergio G, CT
First blush on BDP-105D

I Have been wanting an Oppo for some time and finally took the plunge. just received 105D a couple of days ago, from Audio Advisor and right out of the box it hands down beat my Cambridge 650 cd player. Its sound stage as well, every aspect of this player sounds good right out of the box cant wait till its good and burned in. The picture is pure heaven used Darbee system on Disney s cars,It really adds a rich dynamic look and it looked even better on Avatar. I then hooked up my RuKu through the back HDMI input and wow what a difference that makes in both its picture and sound. tried audio quest golden gate interconnects the sound was forward big and open with crystel highs. Switched to black mambas and everything sounds even better less forward but smoother and more transparent. I agree with the experts, this player is worth every penny. Audio Advisor is AAA in my book thanks for all your advice

- Ronald H, CA
Does it all - and does it very well

Whether you are looking for superb Blu-ray HD video, very detailed 2 channel audio, a high res DAC, the latest surround decoding or a very minimalist preamp - the Oppo delivers the highest performance on all fronts. For all that it does and as good as it performs, it is actually a bargain - saved me a lot compared to separate components and simplified my system.

- Terry M, NV