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First blush on BDP-105D

I Have been wanting an Oppo for some time and finally took the plunge. just received 105D a couple of days ago, from Audio Advisor and right out of the box it hands down beat my Cambridge 650 cd player. Its sound stage as well, every aspect of this player sounds good right out of the box cant wait till its good and burned in. The picture is pure heaven used Darbee system on Disney s cars,It really adds a rich dynamic look and it looked even better on Avatar. I then hooked up my RuKu through the back HDMI input and wow what a difference that makes in both its picture and sound. tried audio quest golden gate interconnects the sound was forward big and open with crystel highs. Switched to black mambas and everything sounds even better less forward but smoother and more transparent. I agree with the experts, this player is worth every penny. Audio Advisor is AAA in my book thanks for all your advice

- Ronald H, CA
Does it all - and does it very well

Whether you are looking for superb Blu-ray HD video, very detailed 2 channel audio, a high res DAC, the latest surround decoding or a very minimalist preamp - the Oppo delivers the highest performance on all fronts. For all that it does and as good as it performs, it is actually a bargain - saved me a lot compared to separate components and simplified my system.

- Terry M, NV