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Astounding combination of performance and features

This little half width, full depth beauty is amazing. The sound is pristine, but not cold. I have this doing D/A duty from an older Music Hall CD25 CDP, and also pulling 16 and 24 bit wav files from a PC. I use the balanced outputs to send a signal to a dbx Driverack 260, which manages a pair of Focal Solo be 6s, and a pair of Rhythmik 12 subs. The stereo separation and overall placement of instruments is phenomenal. You can also use the unit to control Foobar 2000 via the remote. Though I leave the screen in the blank mode, I did not notice any increased noise with it on. Give it a decent amount of room above, as running Class A can be toasty. For headphone listening, I use a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT660s, 600ohms. Even though I bought this for its use as a DA and preamp, it truly does shine as a head amp as well. The timbre on stringed instruments comes through with immense realism, and the overall dynamics really let the 660s dance. I love this thing. I cant believe what one can get for such a low price these days.

- Paul H, NJ
Best of its class.

Excellent!!! Product if your playing cd, Ipad or Bluetooth superb sound. cant comment on head phone section yet but will soon. Audio Advisor hit the nail on the head. Thanks Guys great product.

- Barrett T, MD