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Five Star Product

I've now owned the PM-1s for two months and am using them with the HA1 amplifier. The combination is excellent. Very comfortable after over an hour, doesn't over heat your ears, sound is warm and laid back and detail is amazing. They sound even better with the optional balanced cable connection.....but are still very good with the standard connection.

- Can Man, CT
Get Lost In The Music

After hearing these at a friends I sold off two other headphones to get these. Love'm! Design and build quality far exceeds the competition. They seem to weigh nothing and I can wear them for long periods without them becoming annoying. Best thing is ... with these I find myself getting lost in the music, not in the headphones or other gear. Best thing I can say about any audio product!

- R.D.V, TX
My New Reference

I just finished breaking in the PM-1s and am listening with the Auralic Taurus headphone amp. These are extremely comfortable. I'd say the most comfortable headphone I've ever tried on. They are extremely well made - made like a fine piece of jewelry. Comparing with my Audeze LCD3s, the PM-1s offer a better overall balance. The LCD3 offers tauter bass - which is good on hard rock - but the PM-1s sound richer, slightly warm through the midrange. Highs on both 'phones are excellent. In summary, for hard rock my preference leans to the Audeze and for everything else the Oppos. They are my new reference!

- Walter J., NJ
Very Highly Recommended

These are very easy to drive. I've used them straight into my iPhone but mostly through my Chord Mojo headphone. Construction quality is stellar, among the best I've seen from any headphone brand - I currently own five sets of headphones. Vocals, instrument separation and layering are fantastic. These put you right in the sound space with performers placed with pinpoint accuracy. Mid-bass and low-bass are both tight, solid and extend very low, but I hear none of the bass-overemphasis I hear with so many other headphones. I found the overall sound captivating allowing me to forget the gear and enjoy the music. Very highly recommended. May be my new go-to phones!

- Shepherd T, CO
Buy Without Hesitation

Let me start off by saying these are my new favorite headphones and I just love the way they sound. My favorite thing about them is how easy they are to listen to for long periods of time with no sense of ear-burn or listener fatigue. Their sound has a very organic feel - clean, clear, and present down to the finest details. Bass has just the right balance - not over-powering, but not light or lacking either. I find this is true listening straight from my android Galaxy phone or through my Woo WA7 tube headphone amp. I could go on, but think I've said enough. Buy'm and you will be very happy.

- Arthur R, OH
My Heavenly New Headphones

Even though I own some expensive audio gear I've never spent this much on a pair of headphones. The great reviews and Oppo's reputation for quality, however, convinced me to give these a try and I'm thrilled with the purchase. They are without question the most comfortable pair of headphones I've ever tried on. My first impression was - nothing. That is, nothing stood out about the sound or even the feeling of having these on my head. It was like the music suddenly appeared in my head sounding glorious. There was no bite, no edge, no sibilance just sweet, clear music. I'm not one of these headphone gurus who can go on and on about the headphone details, but I know what I like and these are fantastic! If you are considering them - Get Them!

- Myles A.K., GA
Best in class for...

Best in class for comfort, physical design, and overall quality. I literally listen to the PM-1 cans from dawn to the wee hours of the next morning without a hint of discomfort. Their ease of portability in a high end headphone is second to none in my experience. They drive easily and sound great. In quality of sound they are a bit laid back with no noticeable bumps. In comparison to the Audeze LCD-X the OPPO PM-1 renders significantly more clarity. That said, the Audeze come with the relatively high price of significantly more weight 13 vs 22 ounces causing significantly more head and neck strain. The Audeze LCD-X is my reference set. However the OPPO PM-1 is in my experience the best single all around product for a customer looking for clean accurate sound, comfort, portability, industrial engineering, build quality, drivability, available in a set of head phones at this time. Very highly recommended.

- Dave B, PA