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Best in class for...

Best in class for comfort, physical design, and overall quality. I literally listen to the PM-1 cans from dawn to the wee hours of the next morning without a hint of discomfort. Their ease of portability in a high end headphone is second to none in my experience. They drive easily and sound great. In quality of sound they are a bit laid back with no noticeable bumps. In comparison to the Audeze LCD-X the OPPO PM-1 renders significantly more clarity. That said, the Audeze come with the relatively high price of significantly more weight 13 vs 22 ounces causing significantly more head and neck strain. The Audeze LCD-X is my reference set. However the OPPO PM-1 is in my experience the best single all around product for a customer looking for clean accurate sound, comfort, portability, industrial engineering, build quality, drivability, available in a set of head phones at this time. Very highly recommended.

- Dave B, PA