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has to be heard to be believed

In the small space I moved my system to, my NHT ST4s just didnt work. I bought the Alpha B1s, and was astonished at the quality of detail, soundstaging and range. Dont be deceived by the 65hz low end. It works with every genre. Jaw dropping right out of the box.

- Terry F, TN
Wow! What sound for under $300.

These little speakers sound darn good for the price. I purchased a pair to temporarily replace my Totem Model 1s while they were repaired. Compared to the much more expensive Totems, the Alphas hold their own. While they may not have the dynamic abilities, sound stage or the low end of the Totems, they sound very natural, musical and provide a very wide and detailed sound stage. The black finish on my pair was also of high quality. The only minor complaint I have is a slight midrange harshness that would cause some fatigue after several hours of listening. Right out of the box this harshness was very pronounced. After 100 hours of break-in, this was very much reduced, but still evident on some recordings. But hey, they cost only $279, so I have to be fair. They most certainly are the best sounding speakers Ive ever heard for less than $300. The great sound of these budget PSB speakers make me wonder how nice the more expensive models would sound. Certainly a great upgrade for a budget system or a small office or bedroom setup.

- Ted P, SC
PSB-Alpha B1-Bookshelf Speakers Good Enough to Turn Hell into Heaven!

Way Under $300 their lives in speaker land a speaker brought to life by PSB a magical company that knows how to create products for the music lover as-well as the hardware devotee. Nothing that is important in the design and construction is left to chance, how PSB can be so picky with a product that comes to us with such love at a very reasonable price point, I do not know. Maybe they have elves working at night for them when their not at Santa Clause working, I bet PSB feeds them better. I love the Product from PSB as I have a fair number of them. They all have the same level of love and magic of the sound and the joy of listening no matter what product you purchase they all are magical.

- Martin G, TX
Good things do come in small packages

Let me state flatly that I am usually leary of customer reviews. Intelligent critique is one of the most difficult forms of writing. Educated, informed, and useful reviews can be hard to come by. So one might rightly ask why am I writing this now? Simply stated; the PSB Alpha 1 speaker is such an outstanding and rare value that I was moved to take a moment and pass on my impression of this product. In short, it lives up to all its reviews and accolades to such an extent that I would not hesitate to recommend these wonderful speakers to the most discriminating audiophile. Magic comes to mind when the price to performance value of the Alpha 1 must be described. You have to live with a hi-fi component for a while before making an informed judgement on the product. I have gladly spent time with this superb product and have only grown to admire the sound of these speakers more and more over time. Good things still do come in small packages! Timeless advice. Timeless value!

- Mark O, VA