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Mighty Fine

You cant beat these speakers considering the size for the money. Ive had a set of these for over a year and they blow my mind. A friend wanted me to DJ a wedding for them. I walked into the large room wishing Id have brought my much larger Snell Towers or my Definitive Technology towers. Having only brought my much smaller Image B6s I was freaked that I had blown it..... Wrong... they easily filled the room with high quality wonderful sound.... many compliments on the sound quality!!!!

Bruce W
Incredible buy!

Here are my observations on these great speakers. These speakers have terrific resolution. The attack of guitar strings, the rosin bow across cellos and violins, small breaths at the end of vocals all come through with superb clarity. All these things are revealed in a wide open sound stage. Pacing and attack along with dynamic range and their ability to disappear will leave you stupefied that they only cost $549. Bass response is very clean and detailed with good punch. Mids are silky and highs are simply there, as in neither bright nor veiled. Overall, Im very happy with this purchase.

- David H, NJ