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PBS phones are brilliant

One reviewer wrote that the PSB M4U 2 headphones are plasticky. Nothing could be further from the truth. The PSB cans are immensely musical, beautifully made and a bargain to boot. Try them - you will fall in love. Plasticky - who are you kidding!

- James M, WA
Not Up Expectations

I found build quality good. The ear ups were a bit tight compared to my Sennheiser HDR-170s. The sound was plasticky - not what I would expect from PSB. I returned them.

- Randy C, CA
Excellent sound and portability!

I hesitated to spend $400.00 on a set of headphones I intended on using during my morning and evening commutes on public transportation, but Im glad I didnt hesitate too long. The sound is impeccable. Everyone who listens to them is impressed by the level of detail and clarity these headphones provide. Admittedly, they are slightly lacking on the low end, but not so much that its off-putting. ...and I LOVE bass. The active noise cancelling is a nice feature, but with the built-in headphone amp and closed-back design, you dont even need it most of the time. The batteries last for months with daily use and the ear cups are the perfect size and comfort level for my ears, which are kinda big. Theyre a little heavy, but unless youre trying to lay down with them on, you dont even notice. I recently compared these to several different types of headphones during the Chicago Audio show, including other portable headphones, and I couldnt match the sound or the comfort with anything in the price range. In fact, I was hard-pressed to find headphones that I liked better in higher price ranges, but they simply werent practical for my purposes. Great headphones!

- Adam H, IL