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I was frustrated

It was frustrating not being able to experiment with audiophile-grade power cables with my big amp but now this adapter lets me do that. It makes a snug fit - I'm not worried about it falling out. This thing helped me discover that the $175 Pangea AC9 MKii power cable sounds better than two other $600-$800 power cables I own. AC9 has tighter and more powerful bass and is warmer in the mid-band. I wouldn't have been able to discover this difference without this adapter.

- Joseph McGuire, CA
Well made

This adapter is very well made and lets me experiement with audiophile power cables on my Boulder power amp.

- William C, MI
Great Find. Great Buy

This is a really good product. I was considering another adapter like this but I found out it was made of two parts soldered together then covered with heat shrink. And it was $150. The Pangea adapter is one molded piece with thick gold-metal-plated connections. I'm using with my big main amp and the new Cardas M-Power power cable. Big upgrade, I must tell you.

- Edward P, IA
Ideal for my Krell

I am using this adapter to connect a Pangea AC9 power cable to my Krell amp. The Krell has a 20A IEC connector. That limits the power cables I can use a lot. This adapter is well made. Makes a secure connection.

- Chauncy F, NE
Clever Connector

This clever connector solved a major problem for me. This adapter let's me try out a whole variety of power cables that I wouldn't otherwise get to try out on my Rowland power amps. Its a solid one-piece construction with good heavy guage gold-plated contacts. Best thirty buck buy of the year.

- Charley K, VT