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This Last Cable Should Be Your First

I have now completed the retrofit of my entire surround sound system with Pangea power cables: receiver, universal DVD player, solid state and tube headphone amps, fiber optic cable box and t.v. I started with the electronics first, but if you are unsure about these cables, start with the t.v. and cable box first. The visual improvement alone will convince you that these really work well. I have a hard time telling whether I am watching a movie on HBO or a Blu Ray disc.

- Dave B, FL
Big Improvement

Ive used this cable on the Oppo 95, LED tv, and Marantz cd player with great results each time Ive switched out my stock power cables. Besides the audio sounding better the tv has better black and very clear.

- Glen D, IL
Awesome Sonic Value

I am a DJ but an Audiophile first. I ordered the AC-14 to try on the cd players in my DJ system. It has improved and cleaned up the sound aswell as give the music more detail, resolution and depth. I have since upgraded to the AC-14SE in both the C7 and IEC for all my source equipment. I use only audiophile grade cables in my system and the results are amazing.

- Anthony R, NY