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A no brainer!!

I replaced the stock 18 gauge power cable that came with my Sony SACD player. Cleaned it up across the frequency band, with a much deeper and layered sound stage. More relaxed, which allows little details to come thru..in other words, blacker background. Deeper, tighter, punchier bass as well. All this from a $25.00 power cable! GOT to be the BEST deal out there! Just do it!

- Mark B, NM
High End Audio On A Mid-Fi Budget

I have always had taste in audio gear that overshadowed my budget. I use good quality interconnects, but not esoteric ones. These Pangea cables have given me the chance to experience high end interconnects at a reasonable price. Great quality but not stupid expensive. I can hear and see the difference. Greatest improvement was my cable box power cord of all things. LCD picture is noticeably better Try them. Youll love it.

- David B, FL
So Good for the Money!

I was skeptic about power cable and asked some audio shop owners and they didnt give me clear answers. after reading all good reviews here and decided to try it out, it is too good to be true. I really like these products for the money.

- Buu T, CA
High quality/low price/great value

This cable is of outstanding quality. Purchased two for my vacuum tube phono preamp + turn table, and also AC-9 for my power amp that replaced Tara Lab power cord. Fresh from the box, after installing all cables the hum Ive heard at around 11 oclock on the preamp volume dial was gone. B/c the hum is now gone I can hear more details that makes listening more interesting and involving. Id highly recommend these cables to anyone. With such a low price and high quality no one can go wrong. They are worth trying, at least.

- Robert C, IL
Great value with even better performance over stock

These days you buy a $2,000 audio DAC and it is supplied with a $2 18 AWG molded plastic power cable. Fixed that issue with the affordable Pangea and its 14 AWG wiring, better fitting connectors, and gold plated contacts. Excellent value and great performance! Give it 24 hours to sound its best.

- Scott A, CA
Great for the price

Im using this cable to connect a PS Audio Duet Power Center to the wall. I have a HeadRoom Micro Headphone Amp and Micro DAC plugged o to the Duet. This cable has performed well and the build quality seems solid. Highly recommended for the price.

- Chris M, IL
Very Solid Build For the Price

At first I was rather cynical. How could a power cord selling for less than $50 be any good. I sometimes fall into that audiophile trap: If it aint ridiculously expensive, it must be crap. In this case, how wrong I was! For less than $50 this cable is remarkable for its performance and build quality. I use it to connect a PS Audio Duet to the wall. My system is headphone based so a 14 gauge cable is more than enough. My entire system only draws .40 amps. Im considering picking up another Pangea to connect my headphone amp power supply to the Duet. Perhaps Ill try the signature version.

- Chris M, IL
Most neutral of them all

Ive tried many power cords- some in excess of $1000 and, while most made a difference in a certain aspects of the sound, they were ultimately all returned or sold. That is until I found the Pangeas a year or so ago. What make these so special is they are so neutral...which allows the true texture, soundstage, and palpable presence to shine through. These cables are true sounstage champs- havent found a cord better at soundstage height, width, and depth than these...not even the 4 figure cables. These are the real deal!

- Jason W, WY
A True winner here !

I bought this cord to be used with my movie player, a Play station 3. After I listened to my Tube DAC with the AC-14 SE, I decided to move the Ac-14 to my ARC Tube preamp after maybe 50 hours. The SQ is my system is better again! The bas is tighter and have the punch. The background is black with details coming out. I day say, the system sound more like analog!

Pangea AC 14

I ordered a Pangea AC14 to use with my CJ preamp. I have found the Pangea to provide a darker background in the music as well as a cleaner, but not etched sound. These powercords are a great value, and one should seriously consider them if looking for a great powercord.

- Bob J, WA
Pangea AC-14

I am pretty picky where powercords are concerned. I have found most have flaws somewhere in their respective designs. But, for the money, I would recommend giving the Pangea AC14 a serious listen. I hooked mine up to my CJ Premier 17LS, and I have been very pleased with the results. I hear a cleaner sound with more layering and depth to the music when compared to the stock powercord. Certainly the Pangea is a great value!

- Bob J, WA
Pangea Audio AC-14 Powercord

Great deal! Seemed to lower the noise floor in my Vincent SA-31 preamp and S2 CD player. Blacker blacks. Better than my Audioquest budget cable! Would like to try the AC-9 on my amp next.

- Scott M, OR

Arrived, opened, installed, and heard parts of the music Ive not heard before. Simple/inexpensive upgrade with such a difference. Must do!

- Ed K, VA