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Amazing Power Cable!!!

I am an Audiophile and a DJ/Sound Engineer. I purchased two of the Pangea AC-14SE C7 power cables for my Denon SC3900 dj cd players. All I can say is Wow!!! These power cables made a huge difference in my system. The music has a quieter noise floor, better deeper soundstage, smooth silky highs, well defined midrange and much cleaner deeper tighter bass. I also got the AC-14SE in IEC for my Rane MP25 dj mixer. It improved the sound on an already great sounding mixer. I only use audiophile quality cables like XLO, Oyaide and AudioQuest in my system and it pays off big. The Pangea power cables are one of the best bargains out there. I would highly recommend them to anyone serious about their sound. Will be purchasing more for my home system.

- Anthony R, NY
Lets Source Components Shine

Purchased this to pair with an Oppo DV-981HD in a second system. The main thing I noticed was that the sense of the recording space was greatly improved. Worth the money.

- Mike R, TX
A no-brainer

I purchased this PC recently, and it has been a godsend - and a surprise. The 2 players I have that use the C7 inlet were both improved from the previous upgraded cables used. This includes a Yamaha S-1800 SACD player that had been using a TelWire PC w/a C7 adapter. I was surprised to find that in my highly resolving system the Pangea PC and the TelWire were almost indistinguishable from each other with the best A/B technique and music. Note this PC is of the figure 8 shape, but still fits polarized C7 inlets well.

- Rob S, WA