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AC14 on Benchmark DAC - very surprising

I bought 2 for my power amps and they did nothing. I bought the AC9s after I read the box on the ac14 at said they were intended for line level components. So I used on AC14 on my very revealing Benchmark DAC1. I was surprised to hear more once I plugged in the AC14. I actually switched back yo the stock cable just to be sure I was hearing right!!

- Ron B, INT
In Another Level

I was looking a Power Cord for my New Sprout Class D for a few weeks, I get my hand on this new AC 14XL for a Audition. I like my old Shunyata Diamondback 2003 with great Punch on the bass but as soon I plug in the Pangea my system get to another level with a lot of resolution and details with a low bass not to punch like the Shunyata but is nice I find out is better, is not about the punch is about the details and neutral sound, this PC is one of the best on this range no doubt...........

- Kenneth D, PR
Great upgrade used for PC desktop power cord replacement..

I am a believer now that replacing a stock power cable to your PC power supply is very beneficial. The picture is more crisp with less grain and the sound is much better as well with this cable. And you can only imagine what good clean power will do to enhance system stability and the lifespan of your computer.

- Shirley Ragland, IL
Absolutely stunning!

I agree 100% with what others have said about this amazing power cord. I have many 9SE cords, and the 14 SE, in addition to several other Pangea products. I have not been disappointed with a single Pangea purchase yet. In addition to having better detail retrieval and better overall musicality than the excellent 14SE, the 14XL provides a jet-black background, greatly improved depth imaging, and, best of all, a midrange that is velvet-smooth...one that simply floats on an expansive soundstage. The improvement must be heard to be believed. Well worth the price!

Jaw dropping cable

Excellent cable. I had the 14SE and went with the trade in/trade up deal and the 14XL makes my system sound much better. I am hearing details in my 20 year old cds that I never heard better! Its like a veil of background noise has been lifted from my cds/dvds/blu-rays. The sound is clearer, cleaner, and more natural sounding when compared to the 14SE. Its def a substantial upgrade. Very pleased. Plus, this cable looks so darn cool, too.

Quality cable at a good price

I am truly amazed at the quality of Pangea cables - I have the 9SE and have now added the AC-14 XL and the overall sound is weightier and altogether more musical. This was not so apparent with my previous AC-14 SE. I thoroughly recommend the AC-14XL as a cost effective upgrade. I could not be happier.

- Neil M, CA