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A True Bargain

I know audiophile grade cables can make a difference. And they are generally expensive. Last November I took a chance to buy this Pangea Audio AC 14SE Signature Power cable when AA had it on sale. I bought this cable to replace the stock power cable for my Micromega MyDAC. For the initial several weeks I had it, the resultant sound was a deeper low frequency but the high frequency was a bit too aggressive and the mid-range was not outstanding, in fact sounded congested. I tolerated this by playing music non-stop for several weeks. Today I find the sound has improved a lot - a much deeper and wider soundstage, human voices are natural, with the same extended low frequency maybe a shade more refined now, high frequency like violin sounds delicate and non-aggressive, music seems to emerge from a deeper blacker background, timpani bursts forth suddenly, quickly and cleanly. Overall, I feel more relaxed listening to music played via this power cable. I have no doubt that the sound will improve further with additional play time. AA has opened my ears to the world of Pangea cables. I look forward to exploring other cables by Pangea in future. A few words about AA service - I have bought from AA before. Items arrived quickly and without any damage. I am not affiliated with AA in any way. Companies like AA selling products that meet customers needs price & quality - sorry no info on customer service as I have not need to call them for any reason deserve a 5* recommendation.

- Gee T, TX
The AC 14SE made a noticeable improvement

I am now using the Panagea 14SE power cables to all my source components, Blu-ray, Pre-pro AV controller, Stereo tube preamp, Tube Phono stage, and my surround amp 14 AWG is sufficient for that amp. Each cable made a significant improvement across the board from sound to the picture quality with the Blu-ray. Just wish my TV had a removable power cable I would use it there too. If I had paid the regular price I would still feel that i got a bargain, but at the Audio Advisors price they are an absolute steal. I read that these will be soon discontinued due to the copper being used in these cables is no longer being produced, which is sad so grab them while you can, you will thank yourself every time you power up your system.

You Must Buy This Cable

I now own nearly 5 Pangea Power Cables. I use them for my receiver, CD player, sub woofer, TV and PC. There is nothing and I mean nothing that compares to them. The construction and performance are first rate. I urge you to price out power cables and see what the highend ones cost. Then look at Pangea. You get the same if not more for a fraction of the cost. I have written a review or two of this cable on Amazon.

- Brooke E, VA
Awesome price for such a huge upgrade

I bought this cable a few weeks ago to use on my Marantz AV7701 Pre/Pro. It is so annoying that such a huge company like Marantz, would include such a cheap power cable with an almost $2000.00 piece of equipment. They all do though. Anyway, this cable made everything sound so much cleaner and tighter than with the stock cable. This is the best bang for your buck upgrade that I can think of.

- Stephen J, OR
AC-14SE C-7 a must-buy for the Traveler turntable

I recently purchased a new button-on- top Traveler turntable. I was somewhat non-plused to find the power source to be long thin wall-wart type plug-in wire attached to a small box with a C-7 outlet for the enclosed power cord. That cord can best be described as functional. Hey, I DO want the costs going to the tone-arm, platter and other important bits and this IS a VPI budget model. Great and recommended out of the box! Aside from the cartridge, the biggest improvement is the Pangea AC-14SE c-7 power cord and its also cheap at the price. Because the power-wire is a few feet long you dont need a long AC14SE. I ordered a 1 meter length but I could have gotten by with a half-meter. Pangea makes a dedicated C-7 wire and it works for us 97 percent audiophiles with our budget-stretching purchase of the equally outstanding VPI Traveler.

- Doug C, CA
Another big pangea ac14se fan

I too was a skeptic about power cord upgrades. Then I was talking to a sales rep at a dealer I highly respect, and he said the improvement would be at least as good as an interconnect upgrade. I thought, for $50 1m cable what could I lose? I put the Pangea cable on my CD player, and after only 4 hours of burn in, I am now a believer! Lower noise floor, fuller & tighter bass, and improved dynamics and transients - all for less than 1/4 of the cost of a recent CD player interconnect upgrade to what most audiophiles would consider inexpensive interconnects. I just ordered another 14se cord for my pre/pro, I was so impressed. Talk about bang for the buck!

- Stan H, WA
I had no idea

I have long believed in cable upgrades for line level and speakers but hadnt thought much about upgrading power cables. When I saw the price of a 1.5m AC-14S and had 30 days to try it out I figured I couldnt go wrong. I replaced the power cords on my Mark Levinson No. 28 preamp and Cambridge Audio 840C. Wow! I did not expect the improvement in imaging, bass and focus I heard. The system also now sounds quiter when appropreate as though some background haze is now gone. The build quality of the cords is also quite good. What more is there to say? Too often you shell out a lot of money and dont hear much improvement. These power cords were well worth the money. To hear such an improvement for so little money is refreshing. I highly recomend this product.

- David N, MD
Incredible value and performance!

I have switched out virtually all my power cords to Pangea and am a happy camper. The performance per dollar is off the charts! The 9SE eclipsed my long-time reference at over three times the cost on amps and line conditioners. I am now using the 14SE on my disc player and am experiencing the same performance increase. Vocals are richer, mid-bass punch and clarity are stellar, and the background is blacker in terms of low-level detail retrievel. Dont be fooled by the low price--these will easily compete with the big boys.

- Michael D, WA
Excellent Cable Delivers the Goods

This being my 3rd Pangea another AC-14 & the AC-9 which Im using to supply the AC to my Krell KSP-7Bs external power supply. I truly believe this cable provides a VERY cost effective sonic upgrade...sure you can spend $Ks more but why? Great cable and awesome built quality--Audio Advisor just plain Rocks!!

- Craig A, UT
Unbelievable Performance Upgrade

As an owner of the Pangea AC-9 power cables for my two mono block amps, I wanted to upgrade my Oppo blu-ray player and tube amplifier power cables. The Pangea AC-14SE delivers incredible sonic definition to my system. A no brainer of an upgrade for the price. Look no further, hands down these Pangea AC-14SE cables are magical in their performance. Highly recommended product!!! Audio Advisor has great service too.

- Jeff M, CO
Praise the Pangea!

There comes those times when you make a change in your system that makes you realize you made a wise choice. There is so much hype out there for audiophiles, you have to weed yourself through the nonsense. I am using the Ac-14 SE on my Tube DAC. As per my conversation with audiophiles and WS Distributing, I broke the cord in for 5 days. The change I noticed was not subtle. I know there is noise on the AC line this year and the cord addresses this issue. The background is blacker and quieter which allows greater retrieval of ambient detail. The bass was tighter and had more punch. I was drawn in to the music and I wanted to keep listening. The image seemed tighter with more focus. The music was conveyed and that is what matters most! Keep up the great work Pangea!

pangea 14 se

excellent power cord that compares favorably with much more expensive cords. an important thing is that one should definitely let it break in for at least 50 hours. Than the bass goes from somewhat mushy to deep but tight and the rest of the sound really improves. it works great on my cambridge top of the line cd player.

- ivan c, NY