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I doubted it would improve anything but the companies sales

I was a skeptic. I was also wrong. Noticeable difference, it was as if my tube amp was getting more power. I dont understand how, but i did a blind test with my audio buddy and repeatedly preferred the sound with these cables vs the stock power cables.....

- Wouldtick k, IA
Very worthwhile...

Ive got a pair of Odyssey Extremed Kismet monoblocs, driving a pair of Virgos. These amps are ALREADY firebreathing MONSTERS, and I had already replaced the stock cables with PS Audios Power Punch 14 gaugers, which made a noticable improvement. Cut to the chase...these cables amped em up another notch. Deeper, more authoritative bass, even more explosive dynamics, and a more relaxed subtle quality thru the mids and trebles. Very worthwhile! And I guarantee you will get comments, when guests see these FIRE HOSE SIZED CABLES snaking out of your wall! But the BIGGEST bang for the buck is his AC14 cables for line level source components. Start with those, then move to these once your source components are covered. Jay Victor definitely knows his stuff.

Marc B
Let your amp breathe

I must admit, when I first got this cable I didnt hear a lot of difference, but after 6-10 hours of burn in the difference is quite amazing when I swap this back from my old cable. Especially when I crank up my NAD 372. It sounds like a completely different amp with this cable. Better in every way.. Like its able to take deeper breaths. Highly recommended. Especially if you have an amp that draws lots of current, and drives difficult speakers. Like my modified Polk SDA 1Bs.

- Dave G, WV

Awesome cable. My set up is good enough and this cable to my amp makes huge difference to dynamics. More resolution and tighter bass. I highly recommend this cable.

- Diwakar M, CA
This is what power cables SHOULD cost

I would not normally buy better power cables but for such little money, its a large improvement. I also bought the PS Audio outlets. The difference was big. I noticed better air, lower noise, better bass and cleaner mid-range.

- Ed P, MI

All reviews here are true. I will recommend all of my audio friends to buy these cable.

- Buu T, CA
high quality power cable

this cable made such a difference,more clarity,prescence and detail,cleaner and better sound quality,i love listening to the music more.AT this price I highly recommend this cable.i just have an inexpensive nad amp and cd player with decent polk speakers and I could hear a difference within a few hours,the cable is not fully broken in yet so I should get some more improvement.i also think this cable revealed how bad my cheap speaker cable is,i am planning to upgade it soon.

- william t, KY
Pangea AC-9 Far Exceeded my expectations!!

This cable is a superbly built power cord and is worth 2-3 times the retail price. I hooked it up as a 20 amp cable with the adapter from pangea and my system improved immediately. My great quality red book Cds went from that to super audio sound quality! The bass tightened up in my floor standers and the stage and realistic presence of vocals and instruments really become more vivid! I was very delighted with my purchase and Joe my salesman really knew how to explain the sound and quality of Pangeas products! Thanks a million!!!!!!!

- Erick N, FL
Great value and outstanding performance

Hats off again the people at Pangea Audio for another stellar performing product at very reasonable prices. This cable is huge and no wonder employing 7 AWG gauge wires! My electric oven is wired 8 AWG! LOL a total overkill for my 120W tube amp. But it sounds great and needed about 24 hours to sound its best.

- Scott A, CA

This cable took my Cary amp to a new level! The detail and presence from top to bottom is Awesome. I have purchased three more another AC-9 and two AC-14SE and these cables completely blown my mind in the degree of how they changed an already very good system to a new demention of detail,channel seperation not mention the lower end that I have never heard out of my B&Ws. I would pay 5 times the price for these cables!!! Highy recomended!!

- Jon L, IN
AC-9 Mind Blow

After purchasing this cable my Cary amp is totally alive! Two channel seperation,spacing,detail,depth, simply put a mind blow. I have now purchased two more AC-14se cables and these cables are completely amazing period not to mention the price.I have owned tons of great gear for 25+ years Adcom,Sim Audio,Counterpoint, Audio Research,Energy,Magnepan,B&W,Tara Lab,Kimber Kable Ect.. and these cables have a simple go buy some and see for yourself...

- Jon L, IN
AC-9 Mind Blow

After purchasing this cable my Cary amp is totally alive! Two channel spacing,depth,detail,is amazing. I have owned lots of great gear for 25+ years Adcom,Audio Research,Sim Audio,Counterpoint,Magnepan,Energy,B&W,Tara Lab,Kimber Kable, Ect.. These cables are great and price point? A no brainer!! Great stuff!

- Jon L, IN
Closer to heaven!

Well as we all know...every little bit of improvment in our music is a BIG deal...i installed the pangae ac-9 on my parasound halo a23 ..let it cook for 100 hours before critical listening lisiting..and....um ...more than a little improvment...the bass is deeper tighter...more space and depth in music and movies....and by the way im a very critical listener!...this power cord notched up my parasound another 2 or 3 notches!....esh in south florida

- Eric H, FL
um, WOW

My first experience upgrading the power cable to my integrated amp. I was skeptical that something like a power cable could make a difference. I was WRONG. Its pretty incredible the increased presence, the better projection of bass notes. All around improvement of sound. My system: Musical Fidelity A3.2 Integrated, HRT Music Streamer II+ USB DAC as source, transparent interconnects, B&W CDM 7NT loudspeakers. Furman linear filtering power strip.

- Dan W, WA
More Bass

I have a SVS subwoofer. Its a great subwoofer but I always felt that I was not really getting the most out of it. I decided to try the AC-9 Powercord, after reading the specs and claims. I was a little skeptical to tell you the truth. OH MY GOD! what a difference. After replacing the power cord I noticed the volume was higher and the bass was even more powerful and deeper. This is an amazing cable. Try it for yourself you will not be disappointed.

- Ahmadou H, CA
Im Impressed..., Yeah

This cable is impressive. From the moment the post-man put this in my hands I have been impressed with the Pangea AC-9. This 7/8 X 1.5M cable has considerable mass and weight. Fit and Finish very nicely accomplished. Both plug and IEC are a handful and fit perfectly tight into the receptacles. The gold plate is beautiful..., I would like to try a silver or rhodium plate in the future but this is not a complaint. With the AC-9 plugged into the Focal Cub2 Sub I immediately find more volume in the music. The music plays louder and the silence between notes feels deeper if thats possible. But the music has a pulpy character, like a paper woofer. This is not necessarily a bad quality since the stage amp with speaker cones in the bass region are mostly doped pulp even today and are increasing in popularity again. The cable is not fully settled in but I am convinced I need to change out my DIY sub interconnect and I believe Ill try AQs BlackThunder II if theres any left on payday. The price is incentive enough to try it but how can you top pure copper and silver plate. If I get the return I believe I will get I will replace the power cable to my power conditioner with the Pangea AC-9 as well. I believe this cable has great potential. But I am lovin the immediate and obvious improvement to my HT system now. Greg

- Greg H, ME
Best buy in power cords

I tried several power cords in my stereo and wanted to try these new power cords. I ordered the AC9 Pangea and was shocked by the amount of cord for the money. I kept thinking the the stock construction probably cost as much as the finnished product. Best power cord upgrade for the money on the planet. No excuse for not upgrading all iec plugs with these.

- Steven D, UT

Unlike many of the other reviewers, I didnt notice an immediate difference; everything sounded about the same at first hook-up. But then the power cord the AC-9 replaced is an excellent older series of a line AA sells, which were much more expenseive than the Pangeas. Most of my system is hooked up with that other brand, the prices of which ranged from $230 to $499 each in my $24,000 music system. Noticing no difference at first is actually fairly common, as most high-end cable, including power cords, needs at least 40-80 hours or more of warm-up time. So I just let the music play day and night for several days. Then, wow! I was not expecting the dramatic improvement across the board I experienced! First came increased resolution of low-level details, including subtle echo effects and layering of background vocals...even the vocalists breathing was clear! Then came more pronounced / weighty mids and bass. The dynamics of this cable are right up there with my $500 reference. Percussion has a tight thwack, and strings and percussion have bite in the best sense of the term, with excellent decay. You hear much more of the body of the instrument. Bass in movie soundtracks really comes through with authority! What I like best about this power cord, however, is that the increased resolution doesnt come at the expense of sibilance or ringing. Another unexpected bonus is that with the Pangea replacing the previous cord between my high-end power strip and the main power line conditioner killed the slight but perpetually- irritating hum in my high-powered Class D mono amps. Jay Victor definitely knows what he is doing! He claimed this cable helps remove noise, and it does! He also says that High frequencies should be rolled off as much as possible, as these would simply represent noise in this type of cable. As noted, the highs through this cord are sweet and extended without any strident edge. The Pangea AC-9 is the best power cord for the money available today, in my experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Michael D, WA
The BEST cost/performance upgrade you can buy!!

I, very simply put, was not prepared for the dramatic improvement that the AC-9s have made in my system! For those of you that are considering this upgrade, I give them my highest recommendation! For any of you that are skeptical, you absolutely need not be. I know of no other price/performance upgrade that is this worthwhile. I have been very enthusiastically telling my audiophile friends to outfit their rigs with Pangea power cables, regardless of how much they spent on them, and have already been receiving thankful praise for my direction. Wait no longer.

- Chris H, WV

Ive never been a believer in power cable upgrades - and so am admittedly inexperienced with them. For the price of these, I figured it was worth a try. I was blown away at the difference. Bass was immediately more punchy and tighter - and not subtly so. After some listening, then some A/B, I found high frequency detail and perhaps? front to back imaging to be slightly improved as well. Go figure. If you havent already upgraded your amps power cable, Id say for the money you just cant go wrong with one of these. Probably the best cheap upgrade Ive tried in years. Just one thing: these cables are BIG, and therefore not very flexible.

- Thomas S, OR
Excellent cable at a phenomenal price

I recently purchased an AC9 and an HD-24PC. While the cable could be smaller with the help of less insulation, I have a feeling the size was finalized as a result of testing, or at least letís hope the days of public perception of huge-cable-means-better are over. Its impressively large though. Even at the one meter length it is far more flexible than some of the other high end power cables Ive owned. The connection ends are large as well, this could pose an issue for some applications, more so for power conditioners than components in my opinion. The fit and finish as it were is very good. The wrap is low key, but with a good high end feel and pattern brass tacks kids, its just nylon. The prongs are beautiful and very solid. The plating seems very good as well. For kicks I intentionally jammed it in and out of a wall plug I know to be a very tight fit and after cleaning with a microfibre cloth found almost no scarring at all. While I do not recommend this, it is indicative of a better level of plating. I think we have all had a high end product whose plating scarred suspiciously easily. I didnít expect too much improvement, but was pleasantly surprised to find it noticeably so. I had already modified my Pioneer SC-07 with an IEC being fed by a PS Audio PPP, so it was plug and play. Without too much of the BS descriptives I see in some publications, there really was a noticeable difference in overall performance. I found it to be noticeable in the presence of heavy bass shots and an even, smoothing effect for mids. This is in comparison to a cable I made using Wattgates plugs on both ends and 10g cable which was stripped and braided from partsexpress that I have been using for about 10 months which was in and of itself and improvement over the MFRs connected cable. I am very pleased and bottom line, for the price and price is a KEY factor here, this cable canít be beat. I will be ordering 2 more AC9s soon in 2m and 3m lengths. For what itís worth, I recommend this cable highly. Get the shortest length you may need for a critical component and give it a try, it is very likely you will be pleased. -other power cables I have used...Kimber Pally Pk10, PS eXtreme Statement SC nice cable, and AQ NRG-3 -current speaker cables...PS Audio eXtreme Statement Bi-Wire -current mains...Paradigm Studio 100v.3 As a second to the review by Cicerosecundus, the 90deg adaptor is a good consideration. Itd be nice to think Pangea will make a model in this style, due to the size, weight, and flexibility of the AC9, but in lieu of that, keep in mind that this may be necessary. Itís important to note this is not a caveat of this particular brand of cable as any cable this size and weight may require it in some cases. This all depends on mounting of component groups and should not be in any way considered a downside of this cable. We donít all have 20x40 listening rooms with loads of extra space, most of us have to rely on stacks.

- Bif R, TX
Breathing new life into a vintage amp.

Just before the holidays I purchased an Pangea AC-9 power cable to replace a Transparent Cable. After adequate break in time I found the AC-9 breathed new life into a Mark Levinson No.23 amp. Tighter lower end, faster, pristine high end and an extremely quiet and black background. Having been involved in audio at both retail and factory levels I must say the Pangea AC-9 cable is a breath of fresh air in the crowded world of power cables and a top contender for one of the best buys in audio today.

- Dennis L, CT

I bought the AC-9 in the 1.5 meter length for my Krell KSA-200S, needless to say I wasnt quite prepared for what I got. Initial impressions was this is one thick heavy duty power cable. I own a rather nice audio system but Im not one of those guys who can hear differences in power cable upgrades, but I can honestly say that my Krell is fed the proper amount of juice and sounds Krell-perfect. Would I recommend this cable to other people? Without a doubt, #1 product and AA is a #1 site!!

So far, so good

The price was right, and the cord is very flexible considering its bulk. Connectors fit snugly, and in a very unscientific, non-blind test, this cord works well with my integrated amp

- Nathan L, NY
Pangea Has The Audio World Covered

These exceptionally well made, low priced power cables beat the sonic alchemy of my $4000 High end power cords! I am astounded by their dynamic, organic and grain free presentation. Clarity, air and extension are phenomenal as well. Highly recommended to any audiophile who can refrain from snobbery long enough to give these a try. The AC-14 added the same improvements to my SACD player...wonderfull products!!

- David B, PA
Just installed two AC9 and two AC14 cables - Obvious Improvement

I have a mostly Audio Note UK Level 5 system. Today, I received and installed two AC-9s as power cables for my Bybee/Curl Purifier, which requires separate power cables for its analog and digital sections. The AC9 is a VERY heavy, large and difficult to bend cable - any bend must be gradual. At the same time, I installed two AC-14 cables on my digital components, a CEC1 and an Audio Note DAC4, which are attached to the digital section of the Bybee/Curl. The AC14 is significantly smaller in diameter and far more flexible than the AC9s. The immediate result of this installation of all four cables was greater overall transparency and better defined low frequency performance when using my digital head end. I would use AC9s for my Kegon mono tube amplifiers, which are not attached to the Bybee/Curl, which does not support high current amps, but there is insufficient clearance for the heavy AC9, which would only work for me with an IEC 90 degree connector, which I would think would work best if installed at the factory directly onto the heavy AC9. I recommend to the designer that a version of the AC9 be marketed with 90 degree IEC connectors, as I believe that many audiophiles will have the same problem.

- Cicerosecundus M, NY
Very Nice Cable!!

I received an AC-14 for my Nakamichi preamp and an AC-9 for my Krell KSA-200S, lets just say that the AC-9 is one helluva thick run of cable, more than enough to deliver the current my Krell needs. The sound seems fuller and more authoritive. A definite Best Buy from AA!!

Subwoofer and Amp inexxpensive upgrade

Just buy one of these...or two...I did for my Monitor Audio Sub and Cambridge Audio 840 amp. Immediate no kidding difference! Best inexpensive upgrade...

- Ed K, VA