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Blown Away!

If you take pride in your stereo system and have made the time and investment to upgrade your interconnect and speaker cables, I highly recommend this power cable for your amplifier. I was pretty happy with my set up to begin with, but when I added this cable to my amplifier I could not believe the impact it had on my system. I also purchased the Pangea 14SE for my source components and am equally impressed!

- Ara M, IN
Hearing is believing

After purchasing a couple of meter and a half Pangea AC-14SE power cords for some kit of mine, an Audio Note Kits DAC and a Croft Micro 25 Basic + linestage, and being wholly impressed with the sound/price/value of Pangeas 14 gauge Special Edition power cord, I then popped for the Pangea AC-9SE power cord for my Croft Polestar hybrid power amplifier. Now, Ive been around long enough to not be too surprised about a seeming mismatch of audio gear....but how much of an improvement can there be by adding a huge, thick beyond thick, unbend-ably thick stick of wire to a little 25 watt, shoebox style amplifier, as opposed to a mega watt, back breaking weight amp? Well, I really dont know the physics or electrical intricacies of this hobby in general, but I am here to tell you...this Pangea AC-9SE power cord jumped up the quality of sound/music coming from this little amplifier to levels unsurpassed by using any of my other, highly renowned power cords...by a large margin. I know Crofts little amp is an amazing little power house, and now with the Pangea AC-9SE delivering the electrical current...amazing just went to superlative. Pick any genre of music and prepare to be reawakened to the joy of first time discovery of wonderful musical reproduction from the usual kit...but added to it, the Pangea AC-9SE power cord.

- John M, MI
Cost effective upgrade

This cable gave me more bass slam and better overall definition. The soundstage on live recordings gave a more 3D presence. Both connectors fitted tight snug. Overall construction is high quality. It replaced and outperformed a more expensive cable. Price point versus performance is off the chart.


I have a great sound system: Classé Omega pre-amp, Classé Omega SACD player, 3.6R Maggies, Cardas Golden Reference cabling and just lately I replaced my Classé CAM350s monoblocks with the very powerful Classé CA-M600s. The new amps started generating a buzzing sound coming from the 1200 KVA power supplies and after doing some research, I attributed the noise coming from errant DC current in the lines. Based on positive reviews I decided to replace the stock power cables with the Pangea AC-9SE, right out of the box the buzzing is gone and its been a couple of weeks of constant playing the sound is so airy, highly recommended! P.S. I also fitted the AC14SE power cables to the SACD player and to my Magnum Dynalab Tuner; results are just amazing.

- Claude J, QC
Impressive Pangea AC-9SE

I bought a pair of AC-9SE for my Lamm monoblocks out of curiosity and wanted to find out what all the hypes about this power cable. With a 30-day trial, I got nothing to lose. Much to my surprise, the AC-9SE sounded so close to my $1,000 power cord of another name brand. It is thicker sounding and has a bit more punch in the bass. It actually matches better with my current upgraded system than my other expensive cable. AT 1/5 of the cost of the more expensive cable, the AC-9SE is awesome. What a bargain. Highly recommended.

Superior upgrade from AC-9

Having owned the AC-9 for 2 years, I decided to upgrade to the AC-9SE. Wow!!! This power cable transformed my system. My music is now crystal clear and the dynamics from top to bottom are off the charts good. Aside from tighter bass and silky smooth highs, mid-range is very precise. Dont let the low price point fool you, this power cable is awesome! Highly recommended.

- Jeff M, CO
Amp was choking--now it breathes!

Huge upgrade--as others have said, as if I upgraded the amp. The improvements in rich detail and smooth warm power just knock me over, and its not yet burned in--just out of the box!

- Alec K, TX
Amazing Power Cable

Im amazed at the sonic improvements made to my home reference system with this cable. I was shocked that the 9SE even bettered my Kimber PK-10 Gold power cable. Equally impressed with the 14SE on my other components. Would highly recommend!

- K C, AZ
Pangea AC_9SE Power Cord

This cable is amazing in what it does at this price, I want to put this cable on all of my equipment. My system seemed fine and I got high quality sound from it, but when I connected the AC-9SE to my power amp, I started to hear things I hadnt notice before, everything was more focused, the sound stage expanded, the bass was deeper, the mids and highs more robust. All this from this one cable. This is a must upgrade for audioholics and audiophiles alike no matter what the budget. Im still waiting for a 20 amp adapter so I can hook up my power conditioner with this cable.

- James M, IL
The Ampacity of the PA- AC-9SE has no boundaries!

The Pangea AC-9SE was purchased for my power amp and after about 120 hours it began to increase the sound stage with better and tighter base. Image focus was already good in my system but there was greater image focus present. IMO, not only the purity and geometry of wire used is significant for a good performance, but the use of various wire gauges help to transport the signal well for their perspective frequencies allowing more space around the notes. A Revolutionary power cord at any price.

- Anthony L, TX
Significant Improvement

Received 1 pair, 2 meters of Pangea 9 SE for my amplifier and subwoofer. Wiped out the previous cable half the length purchased but more than twice the price. $28,000 system. Pangea equivalent to amp/sub upgrade. Really had no idea such an inexpensive A/C wire could make such a significant improvement

- Harvey F, FL
cost effective upgrade

I was delighted when I received the AC-9SE cable - build quality appears excellent and the cable has added presence and tighter bass to the overall sound of my system. Prompt service too by AudioAdvisor.

- Neil M, CA