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A true bargain

These are oustanding. They are perfect fit with my Harbeth P3s. I have owned stands that cost more than twice the price and these outdo all of them! Great product all around!

Awesome value and very sturdy

I bought these for my Aerial model 5 speakers. Aerial wanted $700 for their steel stands. Thats not going to happen I told them. These are a very good substitute for less then $200

- Edmond Padden, MI
Solid stand for heavy speakers

This stand is a much higher quality than I expected for the price. A great value! Reviewer Andrew F is right though, if youre going to add anything -- kitty litter, shot, &c. -- to the uprights, youll need to seal the bottom of the uprights around the inner perimeter. I used hot glue and that did the trick. Super fast shipping from AA, too!

They sound cleaner, more detailed

This is a heavy-duty stand as advertised! Just what I needed for my 70-pound speakers. They sound cleaner, more detailed, and a lot like I upgraded to a more expensive pair of speakers. Highly recommended!

- RJ, WI
Great for the money

These stands look great and are every bit as good as other more expensive stands on the market, but if you want to fill them you will have to seal off the bottom of the uprights first. I used electoral tape on the bottom of the uprights before attaching them to the base plate. I filled the stands with kitty litter and the speaker has slightly tighter bass and more focused sound than without. The pieces and screws fit together well. It would have been nice if a seal for the bottom was included.

- Andrew F, NY